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  1. Ah yes is it in IA86 right to offset ? this thread may be worth taking a look at (Dorsetstrider , claiming back ppi after bankruptcy)
  2. Hi there in order to off set would the OC not need to still own original debt ? Ie if debt owned DCA they would be paying a third party ?
  3. A sorry judgement "the default and termination regulations 1983 " clearly state 14 days from date of service how on earth could a DJ ignore that peice of statute law ?
  4. Sorry Basa butting in but the "approved limit" argument went eggs way on sep 13th i believe
  5. Contract law applies, if a contract is ended one side cannot just to reactivate the agreement without both parties consent . Diddy's the one in the know on this and Vint is also very knowledgable on contract law .
  6. Cant paste it for some reason " eu threatens uk again over data protection laws" probably someones brought it up further back .
  7. HI Elsa you taking the watch again . Dont forget the jam, of to work now,see you laters x
  8. They are bullies, if you look in harasment libary letters will be there to sent something along the lines of " i revoke any lawfull right you or your associates may think they have to visit my property ". If a default notice recieved from mercers it will be worth digging it out to look at they arn't to bright and pretty toothless really, but all the same frightening to a little old lady on her own . Pinky who posted above is well up on DN's .
  9. Am i right in thinking you want to take them to court ? this would be unwise as the burden of proof would be on you . Be aware when asking for original agreement they are under no obligation to supply you with a copy of your executed agreement, only later in pre action really would you be likely to have the smallest chance at seeing these . Be aware of the difference between copy of original agreement and copy of executed agreement as only executed agreement will contain signiturs . Remember more than one way to skin a cat default notices can be more affective in winning a case if incorrectly
  10. The regualations state clearly "the date being a date" and it should be 14 days from date of service not 14 days from date on letter . if they dont allow for postage [4 days second class] they would not have allowed 14 days . More knowledgable people than i will be along to help i'm sure Diddy Dicky, pinky69 ,elsa post up DN minus personals and i'm sure you will be helped .
  11. I have of course kept the invalid DN and envolope as guided by this thread , in any case if i were to claim miselling of ppi would not the award deducted render the DN amount totally inacurate and as i accept their termination a new DN could not be issued ? Will send letter tomorrow assignment isn't something i ve looked into is it a powerful defence ? anyway as i see it i have a deffective DN, missold ppi, unfair relationship and old faithfull cca of which i have original card carrier though as you point out with all the bad decisions against us no room for smugness . Thanks as always DD
  12. Thanks DD the client referred to is hillingdon securities not Mbna i assume this accepts the demand for full payment lost in the files of a large oganisation should i also mention the ppi they we,re asked to investigate only this time send recorded for my records
  13. Thanks Elsa will do wont be long before they get fustrated . E-s x
  14. Quite right NK just checked letter and thanks . Fustrating as it is with dodgy dn, missold ppi and no proof of assignment i can just concentrate on other cards . As a side just received offer from barclay shark 40% full and final, have 2way dodgy dn [13 days no address for barclays] should i use this to try and negotiate settlement figure down or is it best to always keep invalid DN as your ace . thanks guys and guyesses
  15. Now DD's point about sitting back is clear . Wonder how fast it would end up on Mbna,s desk if i put in a claim for ppi . Still this second letter stating "we have been instructed by or client to collect this debt on their behalf" would pehaps lend weight to the non existence of any assignment letter ? Hello Elsa
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