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  1. good question - where does the feedback form go? straight to your line manager? QA team? higher up???
  2. all done for you! i have written 2 - one for the VF experiences up until yesterday and one for you specifically - enjoy!
  3. nope... and im willing to pay the fine, but i cant waste hundreds ( i dont have ) on this.. i desperate for help....
  4. well CAB dont know anything about it and a solicitor wants £100 just to look at it!
  5. Thanks Kirsty - issue is now sorted to my satisfaction - i just wish all VF CS agents were as good as you! Please also pass on my sincere thanks to the QA team and i hope they join us in the 21st Century very soon :p:p:-D
  6. how does this look? UPON THE APPLICATION OF THE PARTIES $MYNAME $MYADDRESS $MYOLDADDRESS DVLA Sidcup Enforcement Centre, $THEIRADDRESS BY CONSENT IT IS ORDER THAT 1. The proceedings herein be stayed on the terms set out in the Schedule, save for the implementation of those terms, for which purpose there be liberty to apply. 2. $MYNAME to pay the sum of £100 pounds to DVLA Sidcup Enforcement centre within 7 days of this Order 3. the CCJ held for $MYNAME under claim number $CLAIMNUMBER be removed/deleted/deregisterd from cre
  7. Hi Lee, Thanks for replying when youre on leave!- tho i dont really think you should have to - where are your colleagues? and the CS team - why cant they speak to the QA team as well - AL told me today they dont have a number at all and they have to fax them too! CS tell me they cant get in contact, except one lady who had a button on her screen but apparently QA was shut! LOL sorry if this all sounds horrible and harsh, its not meant to be! Its just your reputation precedes you and its nice to talk to someone who genuinely cares and will take ownership of an issue? i really do hope
  8. thanks oh btw there was no reference number or recept email sent to me with a vodafone reference number either just checked my spam/trash just to be sure.
  9. Yes thats true, but on *this thread* i have stated 3 times that i have contacted the webteam. Hope this clears up any confusion!
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