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  1. Hi All, I have a case going to court on the 12th of April 2007 in the small claims court. I phoned the following number and asked to speak to someone dealing with my claim. 020 7116 4753 Be polite when on the phone, they will ask you for you claimant number of the court case. ((( You can only proceed with this when you have a date set!!!! ))) The very nice man on the phone told me that i would recieve a call back to settle my claim at the end of March. The reason they will not settle right away is because they have such a large backlog of claims and they are dealing with them in order of first come, first served. So anyone out there who has a court date set and wants to see if they can settle early ring away. Hope all can get their money back. I will post when i have settled and thanks to all on this website and keep up the good work. Take them banks for all they've got. They make enough money out of us. :)
  2. Thanks Sandbag for the advice, I knew this was not going to be an easy ride and was not in it for a quick payout. I think that the banks make enough money and we as the general public should get some of this 'extortionate' rates being charged, back. It just gets a bit more serious when it gets down to the final stages and the nerves start to go. Still I will hang on in there and go the distance. Also thanks to Simpson for the link to the basic court bundle. Even though it seems that no bank has gone all the way and settles before court it is always best to be prepared. Thanks for the info. It is greatly appreciated.
  3. I am in the process of trying to get monies owed to me from Barclays. I have followed all procedures to the letter from this site and have filed a court claim now as they would not settle. All dates have been adhered to and now the 14 days are up for them to file a defence. the last day was 30-11-06 and today i have recieved a letter telling me Barclays have filed an Acknowledgement of Service on the 29th November. This makes the 27th of Dec their deadline. Has anyone else had to go this far before? Will they settle out of court ? Has anyone had to go to court, and if so do the banks turn up? Can anyone help ??? I'm thinking of pulling out at this stage if it gets anymore serious... Steve
  4. Can anyone help?? I am now at the point where I have sent my LBA and have recieved their letter saying they will offer me a part payment etc... Obviously I requested the whole amount so won't be settling for this. I have read the FAQ and am now in the process of filing a court claim. In my previous letters i have not included interest. Could be me being stupid but do i include them along with the claim form to the court now? Also in the brief details of the claim do i just outline that i request monies owed to me, and then use the letter by bankfodder in the particulars of claim. Steve
  5. Hi all, my name is steve and this is all new to me. Forums and me do not go together. Still it is optomistic to see so many other people in the same boat. I have read quite a lot about different cases and gathered a lot of useful information. I have just a couple of questions, please bear with me. If i am claiming against barclays bank ( of which i don't like ) do i have to send my preliminary letter to my local branch or their head office? I live in Paignton. Do i send all my letters by recorded delivery? I have gathered all the correct information about money they have taken from me through paid referral, and put this on an excel spread sheet. Should i send this to them with the initial letter? Any help would be appreciated even if just top let me know i am doing the right thing. Thanks
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