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  1. Hi, Westcot keep calling me at work even though I have told them that I am not able to take calls at work and to stop calling me. Its causing me some problems now as my boss is starting to get on my back about personal calls. what can I do? the embarrassment is 2nd to the possibility that I may lose my job is they dont stop calling... Help? Cheers
  2. Hi. I have an iPhone 3Gs which is currently with O2 on a 24 month contract. We are just entering the 18th month of the contract and the handset has started to develop faults such as switching off, not being able to received or make calls and not sending SMS message. We are currently paying £45 per month for the line rental as well as £10 per month onto of that for insurance. O2 have said that the actually warranty on the iPhone is 12 months and the only thing that they can do to sort the phone out is by way of insurance claim which will carry a £75 excess fee. They will not let me upgrade early or offer any other repair service. Its basically claim under the insurance or keep paying £55 per month for the next 6 months even though my phone is pretty much unusable.. Is this right and more importantly what can be done about this . ...if anything? Many Thanks Caggers. Scott
  3. Hi, My fridge freezer has just packed up and as the cost of repairing them it just so high we have decided to explorer the options regarding buying a new one. Are we currently have a Buy As You View account which has one 1 payment left on the account before its paid off, we have called to ask then about a new fridge freezer they have advertised on the website. As speaking to the advisor about the fridge that we want, we were told that we MUST have the insurance which is an extra £400 on the price - apparently the item cannot be sold without this... is this legal and is this allowed? Any help would be appreciated. Many Thanks Scott
  4. Let me just say that I wrote the above post of my iPhone and it has this habit of changing the words I type sometimes, it's not just me having crappy spelling
  5. Hi, I gave an Apple iPhone 4 connected onto O2 and have had the phone since launch, I know that the whole signal issue with this phone has been covered to death however my issue is with the bumpers that Apple provides to customers. Basically, my official Apple bumper gas marked the steel banner around the phone and it's a actually pretty bad. I called O2 and said I was not happy about this who told me that it was Apples responsibility and that I was to go bam to them. This I did via the contact us email address they have. After waiting about 5 days I had a reputation from one of their advisors saying that the they were aware of the problem and that the official black bumper can cause marks on the phone and that I was to call the customer care line for a replacement. It took me 6 days to get to to customer care as the telephone numbers all take you to technical first and you have to be transferred through. When I got put through to customer care it seemed to be in the States and the lady basically said that there was nothing Apple could do and that the bumpers were provided as gifts. I said that I had an email fro Apple Europe advising me that it was a known issue and she said that there was still nothing that could be done and my feedback would be used to help & shape future development. I take that as a polite way of saying go away. What can I do and are Ape liable based on the strengh of the email I have from them ? Many Thanks Scott
  6. Hi, I today noticed that we have really bad subsidence on the house that we rent from the local council. Attached are some photos to show and I would like some advise on where we stand here as I am not sure that the house is safe now..obviously I am not structural expert so if someone can advise me then that could be great. http://img693.imageshack.us/img693/3428/26211130.jpg http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/3577/94393915.jpg http://img687.imageshack.us/img687/812/23850245.jpg (view of the upstars windows but you made need to zoom in to see the inch gap between the window and the wall) this is the kitchen window directly below the window above, again this shows the cap and large crack which is about 1 inch but zooming in may give a better view. another close up of the downstairs kitchen window. Any help on what to say to council, views etc would be great . Many Thanks
  7. Can some advise me here regarding a problems paying an old balance with Virgin Media. I had a VM account back in 2007 which was an internet, telephone and TV package all for £60 per month. Everything was going ok for 8 months until I actually lost my job and there was a squeeze on my finances. I ended up defaulting on the account and it was sent to two DCAs (Westcot and Credit Security). I have actually tried to arrange payment plans with both the DCA's however they have never wanted to know, they seem more interested in making empty threats to me rather than actually allowing me to repay the balance. The last contact with the DCA was back in April 2009. Recently, VM sent me a standard mailer offering a great deal to return to to then which I actually tried to take, the order was never completed as the internal systems at Virgin flagged up that I had an outstanding balance that needed paying and I need to pay it in full first which I was unable to do. So, I spoke to customer service who basically said that there was nothing they could do however I could escalate the problem is I wanted to which I did. in the end, I emailed Neil Berketts office saying that I had an old account which I wanted to start a payment plan towards as I had the intention of reconnecting back to VM. He replied saying that his office would look at it for me and that was followed by an email from Heather Robinson who was really polite but basically said that she could not offer any form of payment plan towards the outstanding balance and they I would need to speak to the DCA. When I replied back say that the DCA's didnt want to know she again said that she was unable to help me and there was nothing Virgin could do. Basically, I cannot repay my debt to anyone? What can I do? Can anyone offer me any advise here or do I just take it that Virgin have written off the balance but not allowing me to be a customer again as thats how it feels? P.S I have not had any contact with any DCA about this since April 2009.
  8. Hi Caggers, I seem to have a problem with Orange regarding an outstanding balance on my account which I actually WANT to pay however its proving very difficult to arrange any form of payment plan with the customer care department as its been passed to a DCA who also don't want to know. It seemed the contacting the Exec Office and explaining the situation that I am in along with what I wanted to do was a good thing however, there has been no response from them all are. Can anyone give me and advise as to what else I can do ? the email address that I have written to is below : [email protected] and [email protected] Cheers
  9. Hi everyone, I recently found a voucher online that entitled me to have £15.00 off my first order at very.co.uk - there was no minimum spend on this voucher nor was there an obligation to have a credit account. So, I decided to purchase a £19 Xbox points card. I entered my voucher code which reduced the price of the item down by £15 so I was only paying £4.00. I completed the check out and the Halifax Securepay screen came up advising me to enter my registered password with them and confirm that I was spending £4.00 which I did. I was emailed a reciept from Very to show the item I was ordering, the discount and the amount I have paid which was £4.00. Right, 3 days later I checked on my online bank statement and saw that Very had actually charged my card the full £19.00 value not the £4.00 that I authorised after discounts. I contacted the customer service team to see what was happening and this is where the fun started. Firstly, I was advised of the following "If you use a cash discount promotion, such as £10 off, and you pay for your order with a credit or debit card, then we will process your payment in two stages. First we will charge your card with the full price of the order then we will refund your card with the value of the discount. Please note that the payment and refund may not occur simultaneously but the refund will be made no later than when your order is despatched. Please be assured that if you were selected to receive the offer and your order meets the applicable terms and conditions, the refund will be applied to ensure that you receive the correct discounted price overall" I then said that I have authorised my card to be charged with £4 only and where on term TOB's it said this. the response I had was below. "As you have been previously advised, we will refund you the £15.00 no later than when your order is despatched" I replied back for clarification on this and I was advised of the following : "the issue is related to our system mechanics. The system does not remove the discount code from your order directly, rather it credits the indicated amount to your balance. With credit accounts this causes no issue, however as you are obviously aware with card payments this results in the full value of the order being taken, and then the discount being refunded. Unfortunately I myself am unable to adjust this in any way." The item came the next day and so I checked my online account and saw that the amount was no refunded as previously advised so I contacted them again saying that I have had the item & that they had advised me that I would recieve a refunded of £15.00 no later that when the item was despatched as per their own email (I even included their own emails for record as attachements) The final response come today and it is below:- "I have referred your email to another department who will look into this and contact you as soon as they have more information. Rest assured every effort is being made to resolve the issue for you as quickly as possible." my question is, is this legal as I feel like I have been well and truely cheated here - it also seem that the customer care team don't actually care. What can I do? if I call into customer care, I was just advised to express my concerns in email or writing...
  10. Hi, I am trying to find an Email address for someone who can help me regarding my O2 account. It turns out that the standard customer service department actually don't care about one of my accounts now that they have passed it to a DCA even though I have tried to resolve my issues with the before. The DCA does not want to do anything with me other than get a payment out of me. Anyone know a next stage? I want to email as I want to try and get my problem actioned ASAP. Thanks
  11. Hi, Can I just check something please, is the council allowed to do a attachment of earning again me for my ex partners unpaid council tax when that person cannot be contacted (or refuses to be contacted) the debt is not in my name? thanks
  12. how do I stop them ripping me off? what would I need to do or say either verbal or written? sorry to ask so many questions, can I request a full breakdown of charges etc and then hope that they will realise that I am checking the legitimacy of them.
  13. thanks for the reply, in regards to the time between having the receiving the judgement in default and then the warrant of execution, it would have been inpossible to pay the amount on time even if I had the money in the first place..24 hours.. this is what I don't understand, when I asked the claimant solicitors about this they said that the a warrant of execution can be actioned at any time and does not have to wait a set amount of time, apparently the use of the word "forthwith" covers this.... (my middle English is a little rusty) I am penning a letter back to Brethertons asking for a breakdown of all the charges however is there anything that I need to say or not say? Thanks
  14. just a little update that I wanted to share with everyone. I received a letter this morning saying that the claimant has accepted the payment plan I put together on the admission form which I return to them and that the baliff has been asked to suspend the warrant. I am still being told that I need to pay £313.19.... is this right as this apparently included baliff charges of over £100 even though no baliff will be needed? I get the feeling that the claimants solicitors are trying to pull a fast one here as they are asking me to send payments directly to them as apposed to the claimant. is this right or very wrong? Thanks
  15. quick update, I have just spoken to Brethertons who are the claimants solicitors, they said that I should have sent the claim form back to them directly not to directly to the claimant as the instructions suggest.. The person also said that she would contact Dairy Crest as they need to get sign of the acceptance form in order to consider a payment offer and that I should contact the baliffs myself and tell me that the judgement is indispute and to no come to my house.................hmmmm. the person said that is she needed to baliffs to confirm this then they would be ok to contact her directly. is this making sense? I also mentioned that there was supposed to be a judgement period of 14 however she said that this did not apply as the claim form award used the word forthwith (probably spelt wrong) any advise would be great. Thanks
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