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  1. Thanks for the advice- will just ignore them. Just out of interest has anybody had any dealings with this firm before?
  2. After some help... In March this year I was issued with a penalty notice by Legal Parking Enforcers (LPE) who seem to operate around Liverpool. Parked at home in the car park for our block of flats- the car was parked in the incorrect space as ours was occupied by somebody in error. The alleged penalty was "parking without permit"- no permits are in use in this carpark, just fob entry to get in and out and allocated spaces. I was obviously extremely annoyed at this at the time. I dealt with this via my letting agents who verbally told me this had been an error and the ticket had been fully rescinded by the owners of the car parking spaces in question. Four months later I have received a letter from LPE-having accessed my details via the DVLA- stating £80 is payable and threatening court action. My letting agents have advised me to write to LPE stating the original circumstances and denying their claim but from reading threads on here not sure whether to ignore. Thanks for any advice, sorry for the ramble...
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