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  1. dont think they are allowed to but they do, i still havent received a letter to say why it was closed, i know they will use the excuse that it was overdrawn by £65 for 2 months:rolleyes:
  2. i would love to send the letter but i am to scared, they have already shut one of my accounts down because i am claiming bank charges, i cant afford for them to shut the other account down as i use it frequently i.e all my wages and benefits.
  3. received a letter today from halifax, says the usual that i have to wait until the court case blah blah but they have enclosed a form MAT/BBA common financial statement v3, can anyone tell me what this is please, does this form have to be filled out by someone else as it asks for clients name and agency postcode, very confusing, any help would be appreciated
  4. i take back what i said, i received the statement i needed today, it amounts to £936. i have done the next letter so fingers crossed
  5. dont know but, same as you i am still waiting, they have got till monday with my request then there 40 days is up
  6. the banks 40 day time limit is up on monday for them to send me my statements, they have cashed the £10 cheque so i know they have received my letter, i have a feeling they are not going to send the statement by monday, can anyone give me a link for a letter to send next, i have looked in the letter template section but it is to confusing to me, thanks
  7. FM79 forgot to ask did you eventually get your fees back:)
  8. thanks a lot for letting me know that, i will definately follow your links now, do you think i should wait the 40 days first before i go down a different route?
  9. sorry what is an I&E. did you make a note of the date that you sent the letter. i wrote in my letter that they have 40 days to reply, if they dont reply then i will send another letter especially as they have cashed the £10 cheque i sent for previous statements
  10. i havent got a form yet, i sent a letter asking for my statements, they have got 40 days to reply, they have cashed the £10 cheque i sent so they have got no excuse for not sending the statements.
  11. thanks for that, didnt really use the account they closed so not that bothered but am bothered about the other account, i am surprised they have not transfered money from my main account to cover the overdrawn money in the other account, well they cant now cause they have closed it lol, but then i was overdrawn in the main account as well which is why i am claiming my charges back under hardship.
  12. what is a parachute account, i cant get an account anywhere else because of my poor credit rating plus all my direct debits come from this account.
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