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  1. Success, they've paid 2990.00 into my account. Thanks very much to the people that have responded to my posts, you have all been really helpful. (Barty, Christina, Dave) I would not have been able to do this without he help offered from this site. Thankyou!! Terry xx
  2. So asking for a cheque would be pointless then? Thanks for your advice Dave and Christina:wink:
  3. Ok, I've received 2 letters back form SC and M, both dated the same date. The first letter states the bank will defend the proceedings on the grounds that the legal basis for the claim is incorrect, followed by 5 points. They then say, 'accordingly the bank is without prejudice to the position set out above , willing to pay you the £2660 you are claiming by way of bank charges and interste of $15 plus the court fees of £220 in a full and final settlement of your claim. This will be paid on the following basis:- 1. The above amount will be credited to your account , sort code 1234 account number 123456 by the bank 2. The payment will be in full and final settlemnt of your claim 3. The terms of this agreement are confidential to the parties and their legal reps 4. You agree to maintain your accounts within your agreed limits and in accordance with the terms that govern this account 5. You can avoid these fees in future if you agree an increase in your overdraft with the bank before you try and make payments that would take you over any previopusly agreed limits. If you do not so, you will again incur these fees. 6. You make contact with your Lloyds TSB branch manager on 0845 3000 000 to arrange a review of your account. The bank wishes to avoid further situations which give rise to disputes. A review may be useful to consider whetehr your current banking arrangements are the most appropriate for your needs. 7. You must notify the court immediately once the payment has been made and provide a copy of your letter to the court for your records. Please let us know whetehr you are prepared to settle the matter on these terms. If so the bank will arrange to credit the above ammount to your 123456 acccount. If you are willing to settle on this basis, please sign a copy of this letter as conformation that you are bound by its terms, and return it to us as soon as possible. We look foward to hearing from you no later than the 24th July 2007. OK, I've got some questions please! 1. I have 3 accounts with LLoyds, this one 123456, the account they want to credit that is £800 overdrawn, another account that is 6k overdrawn and an account that is in credit (just) Can they only recredit the money by crediting this account? If they do then I will lose a portion of the fee's? Can they dictate where and how the money is credited? This account 123456 is only a savings account and I can not withdraw money from it. I could then transfer it to the account that is in credit, but would lloyds stop this or insist the money is used to pay off some of the 6k overdraft? Can they prevent me from transferring money between accounts? They want me to speak to the manager to discuss my banking situation. Is this this normal? I don't want to sound sorry for myself, but my current financial situation is dire, I will be filing for bankruptcy soon to try and sort out my other debts. I could really do with every penny of these charges! I appreciate any advice, thankyou. Terry
  4. Cheers Barty...I'll send them another nudge letter in 14 days. I presume I just need to wait now to hear what the court would like me to present for our day in court. BRING IT ON LLOYDS :o
  5. OK...I've sent the draft order along with the letter to the court. I've also sent S C and M the first 'nudge letter'. I hop this is the right thing to do!! Terry;)
  6. Ok, just so I can get this clear in my head... You advise I send the 'draft order for directions' to the court from your first link and... I send the letter template to the banks solicitors from the second link ('Nudge number 2') Sorry If I sound confused, I am. Thanks for your help again, it is greatly appreciated.
  7. OK, I've received a copy of their defence and notification that is being transferred to my local court, They are saying they do not require an allocation questionaire. I presume the next step will be the court requesting information form me that I then have to submit?? Is this the court bundle? Do I have to send copies to Lloyds solicitors? Many Thanks! Terry
  8. Thanks for the reassurance, I'm glad there's someone out there who's willing to offer freindly advice and support;) The claim is for a savings account and an 'normal' account, the charges amount to around 2.5k. I've clicked your scales:)
  9. Hi, I've submitted all the relevant letters and had the suall response. I've filed the claim online and have received a letter today stating Lloyds are intending to 'defend all of this claim' and they have 28 days to do so. I've looked at the forum for guidance and presume my next steps are... 1. Get a court bundle togther, witness statement etc and submit a copy to the court and a copy to Lloyds solicitors, copy for myself... Do I have to wait for the court to issue a date and request the necesary information before I send it off? I've looked at the site that can give you terms and condiditons, i've found the sites terms and condititons but can't find the banks term and conditions?? Also, I can't get the T+C from when I opened the account, so will the T+C from when the charges initally began (ie 6 years ago) be ok? 2. Wait for the court date and then attend court Thanks, I'm getting nervous now!\ Terry (Tak)
  10. I think this is the one? BANK NAME Address Address Postcode Re: Account number XXXXXXXX Response to settlement offer. Dear [named sender or Sirs] Thank you for your letter dated xx/xx/xx I respectfully decline your offer of settlement and request, once again, that you return to me all charges imposed on this account, totalling £xxxx I will accept the sum offered only as part settlement and on the clear understanding that I will pursue recovery of the remainder, with a County Court claim if necessary. My letter before action sent previously indicates that you have until xx/xx/xx to respond before Court action commences. You are reminded that there will be no extension to this timescale. I trust this clarifies my position. Yours faithfully [signature] [print name]
  11. Hi, I've gone through the process and been offered £500 by Barclays. I've worked out they owe me £890. Does anybody have the template for the next letter to send them saying 'thanx but no thanx'? Thanxs;)
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