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  1. When I rang the FOS, they said HFC can ask for photo ID and suggested if there was a local branch, to take copies of our passports and the originals and ask the branch to verify they are copies of the originals and forward them internally to the person in question. Unfortunately we do not have a local branch. They also suggested if we were not happy and wanted to make a complaint, they would act on our behalf and ask HFC why they wanted photo ID but this would prolong the process. The FOS did say that as the 40 day period for the SAR was well past, HFC should send the documentation immediately as soon as they received adequate ID for their purpose, as this should have been processed We are going the complaint route to HFC as we do not want to send such personal information through the post.
  2. Hi, Its marked as satisfied 3/6/09 and the balance is NIL
  3. Hi, sorry for butting in on this thread but if you look at my thread on Simply Be, they placed a default on my credit reference file in April 2013 and I have been in various payment arrangements with them since 2006. I am waiting for a response from them to see if it was an error and that they will remove it form my file or have to take it further if it was a malicious attempt to keep it on my file for 12yrs as it was due to drop off last month. These companies and DCA's need to be taken to task and dealt with, I agree it is not easy doing this as they can be so ignorant at times.
  4. I am confused now ?? I understood from CAG that you claimed interest on PPI claims until the present day, not when the interest on the card was stopped being charged or the debt was sold. A comparison is that I helped my son in law with a PPI claim on a loan that was paid off 5yrs ago against HSBC and they upheld his claim and paid interest until the day they paid out. Is it the case my daughter should submit a new claim to Capital One, claiming only until the debt was sold in Nov 08 ? Her account with Capquest was paid and settled in May 09, she has a letter from Capquest confirming this and it is stated as settled on her credit reference.
  5. Thank you citizenB, got myself in a right state messing this up. As stated in Post 11, I would appreciate any advice on where to go from here, the offer seems very low compared to the workings out of the spreadsheet, Can they threaten to buy back the debt just so they can use setoff How can they setoff on an a debt that has been paid and is stated as such on my daughter's credit reference Does she have to respond to this offer within the two week period they say, considering she had to resend the claim because they did not respond within the 8 week timescale. Many thanks
  6. Here is a copy of the spread sheet that was sent on 4th July 13. [ATTACH]45179[/ATTACH]
  7. Thank you dx100uk. Yes sent an updated spreadsheet and a claim for the penalty charges on the 4th July, then my daughter got the response from the origina PPIl claim on the 5th July.
  8. At last Ive managed to sort it, many thanks ims21 and citizenB
  9. Hi, this is the latest update on this thread and I would appreciate further advice please as to where to go from here. As advised on CAG I helped my daughter with the spreadsheets and fos questionnaire for her PPI claim. She sent this off on 26th April 13 and was expecting a reply no later than 23rd June 13. Unfortunately she never got a response. She then sent by special delivery, an updated spreadsheet, questionnaire and included a separate letter to reclaim late fees and charges on 5th July 13. Low and behold what fell through the door on 6th July 13, a response with an offer from Capital One. The offer was nowhere near what my daughter expected and they are trying to offset a debt that was paid in May 09. I attach copies of the letter. I have been ill and this was the first time I was able to do this post. Many thanks. [ATTACH=CONFIG]45177[/ATTACH]
  10. Thank you dx and Duff for the info. I will ring the FOS tomorrow and see what they advise.
  11. Hi dx100uk, I am sending a complaint to the ICO as well as HFC, I am really fed up being treated in this way. Then HFC have today had the cheek to send an Income/Expenditure form they want filling in, they can swivel.
  12. Hi DuffNCustard, Thank you for your response. We said the same about the photo ID, how would they know who we are. They are being deliberately obstructive, I think its time to make a formal complaint.
  13. Hi Mariner 51, She is under Tyne and Wear Homes, the same as us,
  14. Hi stu007, My daughter and I were under Newcastle City Council but that changed to Tyne and Wear Homes in April 2012, all local authorities and Housing Associations in the County come under that umbrella now. We have medical assessment forms being processed now, just waiting to hear, don't know how long it will take. Many thanks for your questions.
  15. Thank you very much BRIGADIER2JCS, for composing the letter for me, it is greatly appreciated. I will get it sent off tomorrow and will update the post as and when I receive any correspondence. Some days are better than others regarding my health, thank you for asking.
  16. My hubby and I live in a 2 bedroom flat, we are in receipt of housing benefit and pay bedroom tax as we use both rooms for medical/health reasons. We are registered to move nearer our daughter as she provides care and support for us both. We are eligible for any 1 bedroom property across the county but we are also eligible for 2,3,4 and 5 bedroomed properties, paying the bedroom tax BUT only in the difficult to let areas where we live. In comparison, our daughter, who is not on benefits and pays her full rent, is registered to move as she lives in a 2 bed flat and wants a house but she is eligible for any 3,4 and 5 bedroomed properties across the county. Is this fair? Are we being discriminated against because we are on benefits ? Any thoughts or advice on this query would be welcome.
  17. Thank you BRIGADIER2JCS, I appreciate you time and advice.
  18. Hi wannabeedebtfree, I am experiencing the exact same problems with HFC. I sent an SAR, included the fee but they returned them and want photo ID and have said the 40 day period will begin when they get the photo ID. I sent them a copy of our Council Tax bill for this year as proof but they returned the letter and the cheque, again requesting the photo ID and stating the 40 day period will begin when they get the photo ID. They did'nt have the courtesy to say the C/Tax bill was not proof enough. Would it be possible to to have a look at your template letter that you sent them and if it was ok to use/ alter for my use. As I am at the end of my tether with these people. Many thanks
  19. Hi, can anyone help with some advice regarding the above. Not heard in response from BRIGADIER2JCS. Many thanks
  20. Hi dx100uk, Thank you for passing this on for further advise. Hi BRIGADIER2JCS, Sorry for the delay in responding, I do not keep in good health and have been ill over the weekend. I have tried to collate as much info as I can that may assist in anything you can compose for me. Financial problems started in June 2006 Bal £202.66 Repayment plan £4.00 per mth Ist entry on credit report by SB made June 2007 In Feb 2013 I placed the account in dispute and stopped the £1 payment from Jan 2013 Bal £730.41 1st letter reclaiming charges 9/4/2013 Default made in SB's name placed on credit report 15/4/2013 Refusal of charges letter from SB 15/4/2013 Debt passed to Moorcroft for collection 20/4/2013 2nd updated letter reclaiming charges 31/5/2013 (no response yet) Don't know if this will help but here is a list of the random stop and start dates for Charges/Int added to the account: C/I Jun/Jul 2006 C/I Jan to Nov 2008 C/I Aug to Dec 2010 Int only Dec 2010 to Jan 2013 Over the years the account has been passed between SB and Reliable Collections and the payment plan was sometimes broken because RC always demanded a higher monthly payment. Due to further financial difficulties I informed SB in writing in Feb 2010 and again during a telephone call with one of their managers in June 2010, that I would be making a token payment of £1 per month as that was all I could afford. I originally disputed the balance on the account in July 2011 as they wanted a higher payment than £1 a month, the balance then was £423.18 SAR sent in Sept 2012, they responded in Oct 2012 but did not give full disclosure of documents, due to illness I was unable to respond to this until Feb 2013. CCA request made Mar 2013, they sent a made up CCA, with my handwritten details, no signature and my present address, their response when I contacted them was that they do not hold a true copy of the CCA for the account but would continue looking for one. If there is any other information you may require please let me know. I appreciate your time and advise given and await your reply. Thank you.
  21. While checking something else on my credit report I noticed that Simply Be have placed a default on my account in April 2013. I have been on reduced payment plans for the last 7yrs and this is the first default they have ever placed. The account has been in dispute for the last 6 mths as I do not agree with the alleged amount owed as it is all late payment fees and charges, which I am trying to claim back but they are refusing to refund. I thought they could not place a default, add any further charges, pass or sell the debt on while it was in dispute. They also did not send a default notice of their intentions. I have already wrote to them regarding passing the debt to Moorcroft for collection, which they are ignoring. They have also admitted in writing that they do not hold a true copy of the CCA for the account. Is there anything I can do to have this default removed from my credit report. Any advice would be helpful.
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