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  1. Hi ims 1st Loan i no longer have details as over 4yrs and 8mths ago but i think PPI claim was about £600. 2nd loan yes, i think PPI claim was about £1465 Thanks
  2. Hi dx100uk posted this link for me in an earlier post http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.u...notes/ppi.html Problem is reading the post i'm still not sure whether i can claim back my PPI or at the least the extra interest they added onto the loan I have had 2 loans, the 1st loan i claimed on and also when took out the 2nds loan that paid off the remaining 1st loan Now according to this link http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?61081-PPI-Some-Notes-for-Claimants..(1-Viewing)-nbsp I was not told: 1) 4- You were not told you could buy PPI elsewhere to cover the loan 2) 11 -Your PPI was an upfront premium and you repaid the loan early and received no refund 3) 3- You were not asked whether you had any other insurance which would cover the loan So 1st question is: 1) Can i reclaim full PPI back even though i make a claim on it. or 2) Can i claim back the interest they charged me. Loan 2 Same as above, make a claim on it when on sick so can i claim back PPI + interest 2nd loan was £10650 + PPI £2505 + interest = £16937 Any advice on this would be a help, cause even if i could claim back interest that would be about £1800 on both loans i think
  3. HI ims21 I was not told that interest would be added to the ppi. Thanks
  4. Hi Just a quick question which i hope soemone can answer. I took out PPI insurance and have used it when on the sick, but is the interest on a loan just on a loan or is the interest 'loan + ppi'. If loan + ppi, am i intitled to claim back the interest on the PPI, even though i have made a claim. Hope that makes sense Thanks
  5. Hi Ford Default was 2 years ago and then terminated about 28 days later, seen off many DCA since then, but this one brought details and seem more stubborn. Still have my ace up the sleave, once i have finished messing then about, taking them through FOS at the moment, FOS not very fast so hopefully drag this out for another couple of month, when FOS back DCA as i have no trust in FOS backing the consumer, i'll then appeal and that should take another couple of month. After that should have some new ammo to slow then down. AWA
  6. Hi Snippet from Woodchester v Swayne Although the terms where mentioned at 1st, most of the appeal revolved around the dn. I have read the transcript about 5 times and in my view, the appeal was successful because of the duff dn, get the amount wrong and you have no comebacks. I may be wrong, if i am i put my hands up, but that is how i read it. AWA
  7. Hi One thing i have forgot to mention, looking closely at dn, its says "The outstanding payments are currently" then "due on 10/05/07" £500. Dn was dated 05/10/08 Agreement was signed on 19/04/07, so what they are saying is i owed £500 22 days(is) after signing contract, monthly payments not even that much. Wish i could upload, but quality is bad. AWA
  8. Hi Ford Quality is that bad its very hard to read, i've wrote back to then asking for a copy that can be read + t&c's Regards AWA
  9. Hi Peter I do not follow you on this, if in the case of Woodchester v Swayne & Co, Swayne won because Woodchester issued a duff DN and then terminated, it went to appeal in the supreme court of judicature in the court of appeal. How can a local court over rule that decision. Woodchester mucked up on amount of arrears so the dn was duff Regards AWA
  10. Hi Rebel11 Thanks will do, getting ready for school run then off to work, so will read it later today. Thanks AWA
  11. Hi Rebel11 No covering letter, no t&c's and nothing saying 'Reconstituted' Regards AWA
  12. Hi Ford No my signature is ok, their signature has been falseified Thanks AWA
  13. Hi Rebel11 Sorry for delay, internet connection went down for most of day. The agreement is OK, except i have copy signed at time loan taken out, now capquest have sent me agreement identical in everyway, except the agreement they have sent me has a totally different signature than the one i have, everything on the agreement they sent is hard to read except the signature and date signed. Could that be fraud??? I know that they can reform an agreement, but its has to be original copy, a new signature is not part of original agreement, is that right? Thanks AWA
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