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  1. Crikey this is addictive. DEFFO last post. If I stopped Debt Collecting then another 'Mark' might jump in my place!!
  2. Deffo last post, I'm off to bed to get a good night's sleep so I can be fresh for harrassing people tomorrow! (Joke). The reason I got into debt was I turned 18 and got loads of credit thrown at me and then lost my job. I think that most of the honest folk on here probably have a similar situation and I respect that. Night night, and all the best to you.
  3. Yeah I completely see your point. A lot of people in the industry see this site (and others) as a way of evading debts, but I like what you have put there. We're not all animals and its a tough job that's made harder by the justified bad press. I doubt I'll post again, but good luck and all that.
  4. ..And in those same countries you could probably have the same for being in debt. But listen, I agree, that guy Mark was **** and to actually allow them to show his face shows his complete arrogance. I remember him saying "You don't say Alright mate as that will make you a pussey"?? What kind of crap was that?
  5. A long while ago I got in a mess and owed money to Westcot, Moorcroft and Robinson Way. The first two were ok, but jees Rob Way were a nightmare, I paid the debt off at £10 a month (only a £100 mobile bill) and as I paid by Standing Order they couldn't see it in their account. I must have sent my statements to them about three times, wasted numerous calls and all I got was harrasment from them. I do understand that sometimes the industry doesn't do itself any favours but there is a role to play in keeping the economy going. If nobody paid their debts back surely the country's economy
  6. I've done it and I don't need to defend myself because I do an honest job and help people out wherever I can. I found the programme pretty painful to watch tbh.
  7. Aye, that's a pretty shocking story and she must have been through hell. Luckily there aren't too many similar stories out there where people have died. Is it fair to say that the harder it becomes to collect debts, the more dirty tricks these rogues have to come up with?
  8. I agree that he was bang out of order. And yes I do work as a DCA (I am one of the scumbags), although its only B2B. However, there are ways of doing things and if you want this forum to get more publicity and maybe end up on TV, allowing posters to condone threats on a person's life won't help. I am sure Mark will get his comeuppance in other ways. I don't see him hitting his targets whilst he is listening to Billy Ocean all day!
  9. Who me? For commenting on someone's remark that it was 'good that someone's life was in danger'? Just makes you as bad as them in my opinion. Sorry.
  10. Two wrongs don't make a right. Surely saying it is good that Mark's life is in danger makes you as bad as them?
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