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  1. Hi all I owe £5700 on my barclaycard. I used this to pay off my sisters back rent, bailiff charges and council tax as she was going to be evicted. She is repaying it at a reduced rate now of £50pcm as she cannot afford the full repayments. barclaycard have frozen interest on the account for a period of 12 months which is almost up and they are expecting full payments to resume which we cannot meet. I was wondering if there is any way to make the interest freeze permanent to allow the debt to continue decreasing as if we cannot do this it will just keep incre
  2. It's an iPhone 5 64gb. I did think of this but was not aure if t-mobile would allow me to end my contract early.
  3. Ok thanks guys. I'm going to ring them today explain the situation and see what they can do for me. If they are unwilling to help can I just make an offer to pay outstanding costs?
  4. hi all im a year into a 2 year contract @ £37 a month. things are at a point now that i have cut down on everything and the mobiles are the next thing to have to go. my question is what will happen if i contact t-mobile and explain i cannot pay my bill. can i reduce my plan? if i can will it be enough to make a difference? what happens if i just cancel my dd and tell them i cant pay. Also can anyone give me any advice on the best route to take. thanks all in advance.
  5. Thanks slick132 That makes sense now I am hoping to be able to come to an arrangement with bc that suits us all.
  6. Thanks for all the advice I have been onto barclaycard and they told me they cannot do anything for 48 hrs until my account is transferred to the collections department. So I will ring them back in 48 hrs and see what they say. Once i know what they are willing to do I will work out my next move. A couple of questions though please 1 what is cccs 2 what is cfs 3 what is an I & E. Thanks all.
  7. Hi all I need a little advice I have a debt of £5700 with barclaycard and at the moment the interest on the account is nearly £100 a month. My sister has been helping me by paying this debt for a while but can no longer do it. I am working but with interest there is no way I will ever pay this debt off. I was wondering if there is anyway I can get barclaycard to freeze the interest on the account or Freeze the account completely to give me a chance to make payments. I am not trying to get out of paying this but just need a little help. Thanks for any advice you can give.
  8. Hi all i have and outstanding barclaycard debt which has been passed on to cabot financial. I have been paying this debt since 22/06/2005 but recently got the information on this debt and there was a period of over 6 years with no contact from the 17/06/1999 to the 22/06/2005. I sent the template to them from this site and recieved a letter back saying that as i have excepted responsibility for the debt by paying it it is not statute barred. please can anyone give me some advice on whether this is true and if it is not where i go from here. Thank you.
  9. Sorry no this was a U.K. firm called global debt recovery i think they are based in Kent.
  10. Maroondevo52 I would just like to say thank you i did as you suggested and today received a letter from global saying that they have closed the file. This is a massive weight off our shoulders and all thanks to the help i received from here. Thanks again.
  11. The original debt was a bank loan we have been in contact with the dca but not within the 6 yr period. It was at least 7 yrs before we were contacted.
  12. Does this mean even if we have started making payments on the debt we can fight this? It is very worrying as we are both ill at the moment and struggling. Thank you for the quick reply.
  13. We have been contacted by global debt collections and have been told we have an outstanding debt of £13000 from 7 yrs ago. We panicked at being threatened with legal proceedings and set up a payment plan of £5 a month as we are not working at the moment. I have since seen details of statute barred debts etc and was wondering if there was anything we can do now as we have started payments. Thanks
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