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  1. Hi, I have a Disabled Blue badge issued by my local authority. In London, if you are not sure you have to ring the local council of where you want to park to make sure they recognise your blue badge, signage usually provide a number. There is no standardization. IE, If Islington issued your badge, you cant park in Hackney on a resident permit only bay. But you can park on Islington bays with a hackney blue badge. So it's best to check. Anyway, I drove up to Ipswich today. I parked in a resident parking bay and visited a house in that street (which I can prove). There were no signs wi
  2. Thanks all, Simply Acer and Acer are useless. Dont buy their products. Thats my opinion and I'll back it up any way I can
  3. Hi there, I bought two laptops from Simply Acer on Jan 4th 2008. I paid 50pounds each for 3 year extended warranty. Just last week the power supply packed up. I rang the Acer warranty number and they told me that I hadn't registered the warranties. To cut a long story short, within the paraphanalia that came with the laptops were sealed booklets that had numbers and passwords that have to be registered online. I did the process and rang them back. They then said that they could see that I had registered but didnt accept the warranty because I didn't do it within 1 year of purchase.
  4. Hi All Recieved the final letter as you predicted and have heard nothing since. I never contacted macdonalds or the parking company and ignored but kept all their requests for payment. So thanks for your help and if anyone else is worried, the advice on this site is accurate, ignore it all and it goes away. The only problem I had was due to the fact that all the letters were addressed to my wife and she was worried but its all worked out fine
  5. Hi, Ignored all the MET letters, recieved about 5 in total. I now have a letter from a debt collector giving 7 days to pay 150 pounds before passing matter to solicitors. What next? Many thanks
  6. Point taken, I agree to a certain extent. However, they tracked us down by our number plate. That gives the letter an air of legitimacy: can I track down someones address from their number plate? This is not something covered by life skill knowledge Also, this company is mimmicing the tactics of the PCNs that councils send out if you are unfortunate enough to be caught by one of their money making (legitimate) scams. This makes it look real too. Finally I didnt learn about motgages untill I needed to get one. Then I did the reasearch. Thats what I'm doing by gaining advice on this f
  7. Hi Lamma It's her credit she's worried about. She's never had problems before, luckily, but I know people go to get a loan and find they are unable to because of unpaid parking tickets. Is such a credit problem possible in this instance. Can they maliiciously cause her such problems or is that not relevant? Thanks again
  8. Hi All. I recieved one of thes 50 pound finds today for sitting in their car park for 80 mins. Is ignoring the letter still the way forward? I was driving but it was my wife's car and she got the letter. I don't want to get her in trouble Thanks
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