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  1. just want people to read this to beware of NPOWER.i moved into a property 2 years ago and signed up with british gas,a week later i had a cold call from a npower sales rep(young lady) who said all the people in my block are npower customers and i should follow them and join up.i said no thanks i have joined british gas and sticking with them.she stood there for 10 mins pleading with me to join but i kept saying no,i never invited her into the flat.she finally went away but came back the next day to try again,i sent her packing. 6 weeks later i recieved a letter from npower welcoming me to npower,i thought this was just a stupid mistake so i ignored it,next day i recieved a letter from british gas saying they were sorry to hear i was leaving them.i rang british gas straight away to find out what was going on and they said npower had the rights to take over my electricity(basically the young lady had forged my signiture and signed me up to npower).british gas said the only thing i could do was sign back up with them that very day but it will take 6 weeks for british gas to take over my electricity account,so for 6 weeks i was stuck with npower. i contacted npower to complain and i found out the young lady had signed me up and put my name down as joseph,which is a long way from my real name!.they investigated and sacked the lady in question,which i was happy about.i got letters from npower in the following weeks saying sorry for what happened which i was pleased about.they then start sending me bills for 6 weeks of electricity for £189,i rang and said i would pay the bill but i can assure you it is not £189,told them i had been mis sold and the lady said i don't have to pay the bill,great!.i even have a letter stating that i do not have to pay the bill.then why is it i still get bills from them over the last 18 months demanding payment?.i have wrote letters,emails rang them and i can not get through to them,i even wrote a letter to the chief executive,surprise,surprise no reply.they are now taking me to court(lowered the bill for £68) that they think i owe them.so all i got to say to anybody PLEASE,PLEASE DO NOT GO ANY WHERE NEAR NPOWER THEY ARE THE WORSE COMPANY OUT THERE AND THERE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS A JOKE.DO NOT SIGN UP TO THEM.ALL I GOT TO SAY IS SEE NPOWER IN COURT!
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