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  1. Your legal obligation is to notify DVLA of change of keeper by posting the relevant portion of V5c to them. You did that. DVLA have taken many, many people to court for this and have lost everytime. Whetehr they received iot, lost it, ate it or anything else is not relevant in law. Write to them confirming you posted the V5c to them as required in law and it was witnessed by the buyer. You have fulfilled your legal obligation. They will either ignoire you, write back telling you that you owe them money or take you to court. In all events you will pay them nothing.
  2. Now THAT, I do agree with 100%
  3. No, a red route is marked with red lines where you would normally find yellow lines (as in a single yellow line etc). The colour of the tarmac has no significance in this.
  4. No, the DVLA are masters of baiting. Work it out guys.......
  5. Whilst tweedle dee and tweedle dum argue the toss over interpretation of their own little worlds, shall we move on to reality again? The blue badge symbol your refer to is the EU recognised official symbol which refers to registered disasbled persons. If you are the holder of a current blue badge (as you are) it means you.
  6. And perhpas a disabled person may only have one arm. Which part of their body should they steer with whilst rummaging in the glovebox for a blue badge that isn't required.
  7. Wrong. This is a private seller. He is a professional police officer, not trader. The distance selling regulations you have quoted on more than one thread do NOT apply unless it is a trader selling. This most certainly is fraud and would be dealt with very seriously by any magistrates court.
  8. Interesting question that. There is no requirement to do so, but it would be interesting to know if they did or not.
  9. On a postive note, I am sure we have met. (no I am not one of the villains).
  10. Having a quick look on google maps, there is no parking. Indeed the sign even says no waiting. That section of the street is only about 50 metres long! lambs conduit street - Google Maps
  11. It doesn't say that though G&M. I know what you mean, but the sign simply offers exemption to blue badge holders - quite possibly for parking or access, but it doesn't say that part.
  12. It just means that the administrators will move the whole thread to where it would normally be. you posted this all in the 'new member; section which is really to introduce yourself. Don't worry. It will be easy to find.
  13. Yes, again without saying too much I have also had the 'have you contacted the police' response in the past.
  14. Name & Registered Office: RJS LIMITED 116 KINGSHILL DRIVE, KENTON HARROW MIDDLESEX HA3 8QB Company No. 06018684
  15. Can I suggest you contact the following company: World of perfumes 116 Kingshill Drive Harrow HA3 8QB This company apparently sold an item to the same buyer via ebay recently. It is possible they have the correct address for them if they posted the item. If you think like me you will immediately be thinking that the above adddress is roughly 30 minutes from your home.
  16. The timing in this is critical The buyer paid roughly 30 minutes before arriving at your home? how? If they are in Norfolk that would not be possible. The buyer then reversed teh payment roughly the same time (30 minutes) after collecting the goods. That in iteslf would suggest to me that the buyer and the individual who collected the goods are either the same person or working together on this [problem]. Clearly Paypal have a part to play in this. Only the buyer would have your address to collect the goods from. To make payments via paypal, you have to log in. Only someone with the correct details can do so. You need a colleague to contact paypal officially to obtain the name address of the paypal account holder. You must establish if that person is the same person as the one who collected your goods. Obviously you cannot do this in an official capacity yourself. What identification did they show you?
  17. If you go to the page on ebay where you soild the item, ie the listing itself, you should be able to see the full address of the person too. Whether it is a real adddress or not is another matter.
  18. 2 problems with that. 1. You will not get the house number, just the postcode. 2. It is probably a false address. You need to talk with the fraud team at Ebay. Try 0208 8080 2105 and ask to be put through to fraud. The fact you can legally tell them you are Sergeant XXXX of Metropitan Police should assist you to get through quicker. They are VERY helpful when pushed. I understand your predicamant with victim and serving officer. I will say no more. I still wonder what was the reason given to Paypal for reverisng the payment?
  19. Ok, that all makes it easier to work through. Firstly, I do not believe this is theft but deception. What reason did the buyer give paypal for reversing the payment? Have you spoken with paypal on the phone at all? I would ring them and explain that you are a serving police officer and will be taking up criminal charges against this individual for deception. See what they say and can do about this. Do you have any proof that he collected the item? Witnesses, signed receipt etc?
  20. Ok, now that I am convinced it is not an April fools joke, lets see what we can do to help.... Timescale? You sold on what date? They paid on what date? You transfered the payment out of paypal towards your bank on what date? They collected the goods on what date? How soon after collecting the goods was the payment 'cancelled'? On what grounds did the payment get stopped? Did the buyer claim non receipt of the goods? Did paypal discover a stolen card used for payment? Sorry for so many quaetsions. The more info the better.
  21. Best way is to turn up on day one and when the accused is brought into the dock, stand up and say Hello mate! I din't realise it wass you. Don't worry...... Jurer excused.
  22. Completely agree. Chargeback via credit card company.
  23. If you are the owner of a blue badge or were driving someone who is, then that is your defence as the sign does indeed say that blue badge holders are exempt. The issuing authority cannot tell from the vehicle registration that you have a BB and thus issuing the notice. Your defence simply needs a photocopy of the blue badge or the issuing council and number will also do.
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