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  1. Wellmine clearlywasnt a credit card but it applies to loands, anything as far as I know... thing is Barclays from my expereince are soooo underhand..
  2. I took out a buy now pay later loan in 2003 and incurred around 18 late charges totalling around £400. I wrote and got charges and applied for them to be repaid. They failed to respond in timescales but eventually offered me £90 as they said they had already cancelled five charges back in 2008.They had but that was nothing to do with this it was when I got a settlement figure and paid the loan off. Effectively they would be repaying in total 9 charges so half of the total I have a final response and am going to take it to court, via MCOL. Do you think this cancelling of 5 charges clo
  3. Sent ppi claim letter 8 days ago claiming back ppi on basis on being mis-sold it owing to them having being fined for not acting in interests of customer. Three days later an acknowledgement, yesterday a letter with offer of full refund plus stat interest, £1700. RESULT!
  4. I was with HSBC for about 20 years and drifter overdrawn at varying stages so will have some grounds to claim BUT During our divorce last eyar we both got our own accounts with different banks but retained the HSBC one to effectively service the mortgage with HSBC and repayments to HSBC mastercard. We both pay money in each month to cover thos and also little extra to bring the overdraft on that account down but the charges keep rocking up. If we launched a claim for charges, and we won would HSBC be likely to instantly recall the overdraft?
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