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  1. first of all hello to all i am a newbie to the forums. iam just looking for some advice on how to deal with the (from what i have read so far) much loved DCA AIC and my O/D that has been outstanding for about a year. on friday i received a very nice yellow card thing through the post from AIC saying "warning" your debt of £2229.59 is outstanding and needs to be paid immediately, this debt had been passed on from BLS who i stupidly ignored as i was out of work and had no chance of paying the debt. i am now working and can pay this debt off (by installments only though) so i gave AIC a call today to try and get something sorted because all i want to do is get this debt out of the way asap. i got through to a nice lad on the end of the phone who took some details from me and we then started discussing the debt and i was promptly told that i had to pay this off in a lump sum and thats it. i explained that there was no chance in hell in that i could pay it off in one go but i could pay it off by the end of november with five seperate payments but he said this was definitely not possible as they have been instructed by lloyds TSB to only take full payment and not to consider installments. once again i stated that this would be impossible so the man went away to talk to "the boss" and came back with a "settlement offer" of £1784.00 if i payed it off in full and that they would put my account on hold for 48 hrs for me to find the funds. once again i stated that this would be impossible as the amount is still to much to pay in one go so i asked what would happen after 48hrs and i could not make payment in full and was told that they would start talking to their solicitor and take the case to court i presume. i was just wondering if anyone had come across the same thing and if anyone has any advice on whether i can make them accept my offer of paying the amount off in installments? many thanks for any responses. iain
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