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  1. I am about to complete a MCOL against a local tradesman. He is a sole trader. Are there and on line public records that I can access to see if he has any previous court cases against him?
  2. And of course it would be most unfortunate is she became ill as a result of stress and required two weeks off to recover........
  3. "Go Compare are acting as brokers earning a commission. They are responsible for the information they provide to consumers." They are responsible for the accuracy of the information. This information could only have been provided to them by the insurance company. Unless of course Go Compare are making up terms and conditions. I would suggest that the OP is bound by the T&C for the insurance company not additional stuff which appears on a third parties web site. However UNclebulgarea he will have an uphill fight to have the black mark removed from his insurance data.
  4. I am a bit puzzled as to why the details on the web site are significant. Your contract is with the insurance company and the policy issued by them has presidence over any third party web site details. The insurance company cannot refer you to a third party web site for salient and important details. Although what you can do about this I have no idea.
  5. As a layman I would suggest that your ex may well have no idea that you have no invoices, even so bank statements may well suffice if things go legal. However, the fact that you used an inheritance to purchase the items is not really relevent. You purchased the items when you had the money..Would you feel differently if it had been purchased with an annual salary bonus or a betting win. Your mothers "heirlooms" are a different thing altogether and are certainly worth perusing. I would try a low key approach initially by letter as suggested above but with a final sentence saying that you really do hope that it can be resolved without your needing to advise the police of theft of your property. Do you actually want the furniture and CDs or would you accept a cash offer from him/her?
  6. I assume that you can prove that you are the legal owner of the wheels and that there has not been an insurance claim by you for the wheels. I would consider sending a letter before action to the garage saying that you will take them to court for the full value of the wheels and tyres. Taking them to court is relatively cheap and they may back down before going to court. I would offer them maybe £25 for the wheels in the letter.
  7. First google the graphic card to see if there are anyone else has experienced the same problem with this type of card. Try dropping the frame rate. OK you will loose some quality but it will prove that the card cannot handle the load. Carefully read the minimum requirements of the games you are playing and ensure that your PC meets this spec. Before playing the game make sure you have closed down any other progs. That are running. Check the cpu usage during playing the game.
  8. The onus is on them to prove that you have had the goods. Ask them to provide proof of delivery to you such as a signed delivery receipt. Let them do the work.
  9. Much of the junk mail you receive is sent out by marketing companies under contract to the supplier eg Virgin, Talk Talk etc. The return address on the junk mail envelope is very often the address of the marketing company rather than the supplier. These marketing companies are paid an amount per thousand letters they send out. If they stopped sending out your junk mail they would reduce their income hence no incentive for them to stop pestering you. Alter the return address on the back of the envelope to the suppliers head quarters or, better still if you can find it, to the CEOs home address.
  10. I had a similar problem with a different ISP. Phone OFCOM and explain what has happened. They will give you a reference number and the contact number of the CEO at TalkTaalk. Phone that number and one of the CEOs team will note the info and sort it out. The OFCOM reference number seems to be the magic bullet to get things done. Make sure that you say that are willing to make an official written complaint to OFCOM but hope that won't be necessary. When you phone OFCOM ask them who owns your phone number, it may actually be owned by TalkTalk.
  11. At the moment you have not suffered any financial loss. However, once your insurance renewal is due you will have lost your NCB and this has a value. If you can prove all you have stated here then why not issue a small claim against the third party in respect of the value of your lost NCB. This will force him to either put up or shut up. His main piece of evidence is the CCTV which he will have to produce. However I am not sure if you will be able to identify the name and contact address for the third party.
  12. If I mark a junk mail envelope "return to sender" and put it in a post box does it actually get back to the sender and are they charged for the return delivery?
  13. If it is possible try to arrange an overdraft facility with your bank. Each month use the facility to pay off the Amex. However, ask the bank to notify you of the monthly overdraft charge and then add this amount to your monthly expense claim. It would be an expense incurred solely as a result of their business and I think they would have difficulty refusing to pay. I would be tempted to email HR of your intention and see what their reaction is.
  14. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-zQwddg7WRYE/T16ZfWJ1-LI/AAAAAAAAAXU/hYKYqYKWjA0/s1600/IMG_9317.JPG Says quite clearly on the front label to keep away from children and animals. You really need to let this go. Hopefully your dog will recover .
  15. I suggest that you visit the Gorilla Glue web site. Go to the page SDS ( safety data sheets) and look at the EU data. There are certain logos that you may see printed on the label. These logos have a specific meaning such as "hazardous if ingested". These logos are meant to replace a written hazard leaflet and assume that the user will see the hazard warning logos on the product and act accordingly. Check the bottle/tube to see if these logos are present.
  16. The dog got to the glue because you left it in an accessible place. As the dog cannot read, putting a warning on the tube would be of little use if you don't keep the glue under lock and key. Maybe the dog should sue you.
  17. I had a different problem with EE and eventually rang OFCOM for advice. They gave me a reference number and the phone number of the CEs office. They moved things along much faster than had been happening previously. However one of the EE guys I spoke to said I didn't actually own my phone number and it could easily get "lost" during porting. Whether or not this is true or not I do not know but eventually all my numbers were ported to my new provider.
  18. You already have a lawyer who should be upto date on the legal side in Cyprus, I would suggest he/she is your first port of call. The purchaser has paid. 2000 euro deposit, find out EXACTLY what this deposit was in respect of, it may be non refundable, it may be on the understanding that he completed at the agreed price. OK so you feel ripped off but unless buyers were queing up your property is only worth what someone is willing to pay. Indeed there is the possibility that if you agree to his demand then he may do it again for another1000 euro, who knows. Why not meet him half way and reduce by 500. Euro provided he signs up within say 14 days or the deal is off. It's a case of whoever blinks first.
  19. Why not write to Travellodge and say that CRS have informed you that your room had been used for smoking. As you booked a no smoking room Travellodge had failed to supply the requested room and you required a refund from them.
  20. There are many car parks which are on private land and on which ANPR cameras log your coming and goings. My question is are you legally required to display a number plate on private land? I was just thinking that if you did accidently overstay would it be legit to gaffer tape over your plate as you left the park and take the tape off as soon as you have exited?
  21. If you put a stamp on a letter or parcel what exactly is the contract that you and Royal Mail have entered into?
  22. If the Virgin site had said that the price was now £45 do you think that he would have just sent you the difference; don't think so.
  23. In case you hadn't noticed it is the weekend and folks have better things to do than sit by their computers waiting for cries for advice. Help and advice will come but you need to give the experts a bit of time to come online.
  24. I would first request a copy of the invoice detailing the work that the body shop has carried out on the car. They can only charge for the actual cost of the work.
  25. I have received a text from Orange stating that I am now part of Bright Stuff the messaging service which will bring me offers from different brands. Now I didn't ask for and don't want this service/spam so I looked at ways to cancel it. The text says that I can cancel by texting STOP to 100000. I am on PAYG so to text them would cost me the price of a text. Maybe the 100000 is a free text number but it will cost me to phone Orange to ask them. This seems like a nice little money earner for Orange, charge folks for cancelling something they didn't want/ask for in the first place. Legal or not?
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