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  1. Don't be a Herbert. I would do as you suggested if I were not convinced that the company is acting illegally. You can bury your head in the sand if you like and contribute to the decline of this country (I imagine you act similarly elsewhere) but I chose not to.
  2. I understand that if a business makes a purchase, that purchase is not covered by the Sales of Goods Acts or the Distance Selling Regulations. If I make the purchase as a private individual it is. I have just come across a web site that stated "This item can only be purchased for business purposes, and is therefore bound by our business terms and conditions" and I had to agree before purchase. This has GOT to be illegal as the type of purchase is contingent on the status of the purchase and not some company wishing to shirk its legal obligations. The item in question is a computer m
  3. DrTeeth

    Good Old Nhs

    You have paid for your treatment through the high taxes we suffer in this country. Just because it is free at the point of access does not mean it is free. The NHS is only good because of the front-line staff who work in it. As a system of health care provision it is a mess, being used as a political football by all parties as a vote winning tool.
  4. Smoking is not exactly a choice. Nicotine is MORE addictive than heroin and is very difficult to stop.
  5. Shall we ban gay people if you disapprove of their lifestyle too?
  6. NHS dentists do not get compensated for lost surgery time or travelling time so very few, if any, want to provide domicillary services. The care home could either arrange for dental services for all its residents or you could contact the PCT for details of the the Community Dental Services (CDS) for help. IIRC, they provide care for housebound patients which should cover your aunt's case. Good luck. DrT
  7. What is an "uneasy condition" and what makes you think white fillings (which are generally not available on the NHS for the biting surfaces of cheek teeth) will be better and sort out your problem? I charge £75-95 per filling depending on the number of surfaces. Private white fillings in the front teeth cost £65. Cheers DrT
  8. DrTeeth

    HC3 form.

    That sounds way off. They do seem to have assumed that you get £89 a week. £6500/52=£125. However, if one takes off what you pay for accommodation, £3000/52=£57.69 so you are below their figure for weekly personal allowance. I'd get onto them and also contact the students' union welfare officer. Good luck, DrT
  9. I am most definitely not incorrect. There are ways around every rule. been there, done that, got the badge. Anyway, let's assume that you ARE correct. It is MUCH easier for a dentist to make sure a particular patient does not want to see them than with a GP.
  10. Ever tried to use punctuation in your rants?
  11. It is also questionable how much effort the OP should put in not paying a miserly £21 that is legitimately owed! DrT
  12. I know it's an old thread but I agree with you 110%. The risks of having post anaesthetic problems due to your smoking are not significant IMHO. It is just a sign of political correctness. Just find another surgeon who is interested in treating people and not slabs of meat. Have a cig for me...I gave up 4 years ago. I'm waiting until I either reach 70 or get diagnosed as terminal then I'm starting again . DrT
  13. If they did not tell you, you should have just paid the NHS charge and complained. DrT
  14. The quality of the treatment is dependant on the hands that hold them and not the equipment itself. DrT
  15. OP admits he signed up, therefore he must have agreed to the T&Cs. Own fault for not reading them. DrT
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