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  1. Sorry i had to start a new post i never got any replies from my own threads My forty days are up and i have not recieved any statements or a letter from clydesdale bank stating they have a backlog. To let you's know my situation i sent the DPA by RD but the Royal mail tracking system said it had not been delivered but get this the chq has been cashed so am taking it that they have received it. So really my question is what do i do now if the forty days are up?? Thankyou
  2. Hi everyone sorry i've another question to ask, the royal mail can't help me with the rd slip saying it looks like it has't been delivered:mad:. The cheque for the £10 has been cashed can i take my 40 days from the day they cashed the chq?. Would anyone have any phone numbers i can phone to check what's happening, would they send me a letter saying they are dealing with my case or not??. Thankyou in advance Ross
  3. Can any help me here i've just checked on line with the Royal mail and phoned them to track my recorded delivery of the DPA, but they say it has not been delivered as of yet it was way back on the 5th May 2007, she said something about cause it might be a bulk mail it takes a wee while for them to recieve receipt of it. Has anyone got any numbers for the Clydesdale bank i can call to check they have recieved my DPA and £10 ?? Am having problems even at sending a letter stage great!!!!! Cheers Ross
  4. Anyone know if i just wait till the 40 days, or do i contact them to make sure they have recieved the Data Protection Act, if so has anyone any contact numbers for clydesdale bank in st vincent street, glasgow to ask?? And also when i get the statements how far back can i go to recover the charges??
  5. is it 40 days from the day i sent the recorded delivery or when they recieve it??
  6. DPA Sent 4/5/07 by recorded delivery 40 days started here's hoping:)
  7. Hi everyone am just starting to print off the dpa letter and send my £10, could someone please tell me if i send it by RD and does it go to the main branch in Glasgow or my local branch? Also i think i read somewhere i can only go back 5 years here in Scotland is this true or can i go back as long as i like? Thanks for your help in advance
  8. So would it not be a good idea too include the service charges then, would that mean they won't payout and would rather go to court?.
  9. Good luck from a fellow scot, i might have to do the same with the clydesdale bank soon.
  10. rossirvine

    Ross V EGG

    I was taking about the payment protection plan, i never took this out but they are saying i must of and phoned to ask if i would like to continue with this service but i don't remember any phone call.
  11. rossirvine

    Ross V EGG

    I don't remember taking this out with the account they are trying to say they phoned and asked me if i wanted to continue with this. I don't remember any phone call how does this get on the account if i did't ask for it and is it possible to get is back.?
  12. Cheers mate will keep you informed, what stage are you at??
  13. Sorry about that, just thought it would be best to start a new headed thread.
  14. Hello people who is the nearest to getting there money from this mob yet.
  15. Alright has anyone received a letter from this mob out of the blue explaining the terms and how much interest they say will charge for an overdraft account, it seems to say on the letter i have 14 days to agree with this. I wonder if this is because i asked them for charges back and are trying to con me surley they can't do this.
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