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  1. thanks all. i'm certainly going to complain! I really do need this money for childcare!! I'll let you know if I get anywhere! - i've also applied for another account.. feels a little like i need to keep a locked box under my bed. Aren't there any loyalty benefits or indeed any benefits for being with banks anymore?
  2. I have a barclay card and a barclays account. I placed money aside for childcare in barclays savings account and went to withdraw but barclays had transferred to my current account then paid barclay card 400 pounds. Three months ago i agreed to make reduced payments of £50 a month for 12 months and they agreed to reduce my interest during this period... they have reduced my interest rate and have taken £50 by direct debit for the last three months Are they entitled to set-off my accounts in this way with an agreement in place... can anyone advise on a letter I can send to claim this mo
  3. I called the agnet today, who told me i will go no more calls from PTP but will get contacted after 4 weeks from a door-to-ddor collection agency!! I so hope i don't - has everyone's been sent to clarity?
  4. THE EMAIL IS COLLECTIONS@QUICKQUID.CO.UK but i'm gettigng no where fast with them
  5. Just a quick q. If i paid the full debt off to the council, can the bailiffs still chase charges?
  6. Found them as Rossendales Ltd I will send the fax as you suggest.. Will let you know how I get on!
  7. I can't find Rossendales bailifs at all on this list. If you search for Rossendales as an employer nothing comes up? Does anyone know if this is the case or if they are listed as something else?
  8. I sent the council letter by first class post only, but faxed the letters to the bailiffs and so have a copy of fax and reciept that it was sent. i do have a name for the bailiff so will look now.
  9. HELP!! Rossendales are chasing me for a second visit fee which in my opinion was not warranted as the bailiff didn't even knock on the door but just posted letters through my door, after i'd contacted them to say i was paying in full on a certain date. I settled the bill as promised including the first visit fee however they are still chasing by phone for the second visit fee. The national debt line recon they can't enforce this fee? Is this the case???
  10. I received contact from a bailiffs for an overdue council tax bill from 4 years ago (which to be honest i didn't know i owed). I contacted the bailiff and the council involved immediately stating i would pay the amount in full on my pay day (which was less than 2 weeks away). I send a letter confirming this to the council and the bailiffs also asking the bailiffs to make no more future visits and i would pay their first visit fee (i was also told on the phone as i intend to pay no visits would be made until after this date). The next evening someone hand posted a pack through my door. It w
  11. I took out a loan with welcome finance in 2002. I was told I had to take out PPI with the loan as insurance or they couldn't give me a loan. I few years later I took out another loan with Welcome FS and which paid of the first loan in full (i'm pretty sure but have no paper work that they didn't take of any PPi or interest on that loan for early repayment). A few years ago i got into financial difficulties and agreed to pay welcome 35 a month which i'm still paying. Again my new loan had PPI added on. Can i claim this back/ How do i go about doing this when i do not have either
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