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  1. I spoke to MBNA Europe just now who confirmed it had been sold in Feb 09. Looking at the letter from them which uses the account number that Capquest are using, its the credit card account reference number. The loan which Capquest are supposedly chasing on behalf of MBNA Europe had a 10 digit account number. They are quoting the credit card account number from MBNA. At least now I have the loan reference number to do a subject access request to accompany the credit card reference number
  2. Ok, I have sussed out what is happening and it is confusing I had a credit card with MBNA and a loan with MBNA Bank (Europe). Capquest are chasing me for the outstanding loan balance. When I requested the info from them they got in touch with the wrong people, ie MBNA and got my credit card stuff rather than the loan info from MBNA Bank (Europe). Can MBNA just give out my info like that? Im really in a pickle now.
  3. Gawd this gets even more confusing. Looking at the correspondence from Capquest, they are quoting a different account number to the one on the copies of the credit card statements they sent me that they got from MBNA. Now Im seriously confused. Its like this (not exact numbers) Number on statement copy: 5450012345670008 Number on Capquest docs:5407987465325039
  4. Im not sure when I first got the credit card tbh but I stopped paying the PPI in 2006. There is the possibility I had PPI on the loan I had from them which no-one seems to know anything about when I last spoke to MBNA. I shall do a subject access request, but will they have records going back 10+ years in your opinion? Cheers for all the replies, it is appreciated.
  5. As a footnote I stopped paying the PPI in March 06. From memory I think I rang them to enquire as to whether I was paying for it, they confirmed this and I told them to stop so more of the debt would be reduced per month.
  6. Hi Jasper, I havent actually tried to. I have just dug out the copies of the statements they sent me and this is how it breaks down. Dated 4/5/05 Payment by direct debit of £50 - I had agreed this with them and it was meant to be interest free as I was in financial trouble. Credit of £50 Interest charge £0.00 Payment protection £18.55 Est Interest next statement £0.00 New balance: Still high lol Now I was paying like this for 5 or 6 years. First up, I wasnt aware of the PPI which I know is my fault but I didnt receive any statements from them due to moving
  7. Hi, No this is the first piece of correspondence Ive had since the start of the year. Still never got any info from them, its all a real pain if Im being honest
  8. Hi all, long time no post. Just got a letter from Legal & Collections giving me 7 days notice to pay. Should I resend them a copy of the account is in dispute letter as stated above? Thanks
  9. Hi Elsa, Thanks for the reply. Its definately for the credit card which had the PPI insurance attached to it. I must admit though that Im not happy with the amount owing as I was expecting it to be substantially lower. Also, is there a possibility that I overpaid on the loan? I dont know when or if I paid that off and just carried on paying them £50 of the 100 per month. Thanks once again for your help.
  10. Well Im not too sure what that is, but my situation about 6 or 7 years ago was thus: I had a loan and a cc via MBNA, balances on both were approx 2.5k and 3.5k respectively. I ran into some difficulties, ended up pretty much out of work for a little while after my biz went pear shaped and came to an arrangement to pay £50 per month on both at a reduced interest rate. Now here is the confusing part. I spoke to someone when I made the arrangement and I thought I was getting the reduced rate on both, but Im not so sure now. I also found I was paying about £18 per month for pp insurance w
  11. Hi, literally everything is in the other halfs name. House, car, all possessions are hers. I had some business troubles about seven years ago which lead to some debts and not surprisingly coincided with me defaulting on my cc's. For the past six and a half years everything has been hers as we moved house then, Im not even on the voters roll at my house but certain stuff is addressed to me here.
  12. Thanks for the replies, I shall wait this one out then for now.
  13. Ok, here is the gist of the latest letter from them, bearing in mind I still dont have a signed copy as requested. Despite our numerous attempts etc... Our investigations into your current financail position, based on the information we currently hold, are now complete and it is unfortunate that we find ourselves preparing a statutory demand under section 268(1) (a) of the insolvency act 1986 which will be completed on or around 13th Feb which will be served upon you. If you do not apply to set aside the statutory demand within 18 days or otherwise deal with the demand as set ou
  14. Many thanks to you all, I shall get that off to them tomorrow.
  15. Still no response to my last letter however I have now received the pre-action letter threatening court, bailiffs etc. Can I write to them and point out they havent responded to my request?
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