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  1. Hi, thanks for your views, but after extensive reseach and cases you can serve a s48, for as long as that is complied with irrespective of tenant having no longer that status all rent that was not due is unsuspended and becomes due 100%, thanks.
  2. Yes the tenant was very manipulative and a plain liar regretably. Any other help guys.
  3. Hi guys just bumping, anyone got any views on whether a section 48 can be issued to a tenant after they no longer are a tenant?, PLEASE HELP.
  4. Hi, thanks for your thoughts, just wondering if that could you still do it now given she is no longer a tenant now technically, can you also appeal on the basis that the effect of section 48 were evident by the tenant liasing and issuing a counterclaim?
  5. Hi old andrew sorry, just curious to your post, does the amount levels make any difference?
  6. Hi, I have been asked to help a friend (the Landlord) fight a court case as he cant afford legal help and am out of my depth and would greatly appreciate any help and advice from any Lawyers, Barristers or those with experience with this issue. Landlord issues small claims for rent owed for the remainder of contract as tenant leaves before. She he tenant counter claims disrepair. Counter claim dismissed (it was made up) and so is Landlords claim because of non compliance of Section 48 of the Landlord and Tenant act 1987. The tenant did receive in writing the address at the time
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