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  1. Hi After recently moving house I let Hillesden Secuities know although for 6 months before the move they have been sending standard letters telling me they did not have a CCA but have kept writing every 3 weeks. I sent the letter which was signed for. However 6 weeks later I have received nothing. Obviously I don't want to phone them. If they tried to take me to court without my knowledge would my proof of postage and signature on arrival be enough to set aside a CCJ? Many thanks.
  2. How could they apply for a CCJ if the do not have a valid agreement? They have been sending the same letter for seven months and have not been able to produce one. I don't want to set the six year clock ticking again by contacting them.
  3. I could but that would only be for a limited amount of time. When it ends they still will not be aware of my new address.
  4. Hello My debt of approx £700 pounds was sold by Abbey to Hillesden Securities. This is my only debt as I have paid everything else I owe and made an F&F settlement on my o/d. For over 7 months I have been sent letters saying that they will hold all action until a CCA for my account is found. I am about to move house. I am certain they will not produce a valid agreement but feel that informing them of my change of address will make them more eager to try to get payments from me as they may see this as admitting liability. If I do not inform them when I move what will hap
  5. Hi I am replying to this old post as I have the same agreement and would be interested to hear if anyone has any views on the enforcibility of this agreement?
  6. Hi all Loan debt with Abbey sold on to Hillesden Securities. Approx 4 weeks after CCA deadline they have sent a letter saying they have suspended all further action until they receive the documents asked for. The FOS adjudicator is investigating the fact that Abbey put a default with the credit reference agencies. Due to the lack of CCA I am requesting compensation and the return of a PPI claim which was offset against the debt despite no valid credit agreement. Do you think this dca letter will help in supporting my claim with the adjudicator?
  7. Hi Sorry I can't help but subbing as I also have a loan with Abbey so would be interested in your replies.
  8. Sorry, what I meant was I have 2 defaults - one for a loan without a CCA, the other an overdraft (same bank). As I'm sure you know, I can't CCA for the overdraft, so will have to hopefully sort this out another way. However, if I take the bank to court for damages due to the default which should not be on my record due to no CCA, could the bank argue that they don't have to pay damages because it isn't the only default so it can't be proved that theirs is the one causing problems with my creditworthiness as if thiers wasn't there I would still have another one anyway. I intend t
  9. Hi all If you use a non existent CCA in your claim for damages due to an unlawful default on you credit files, could the bank argue that because you had other defaults on your record they do not have to pay damages for theirs, as others would have been there anyway?
  10. ''only T/S can enforce any breach of the CCA 1974'' Sorry, what's T/S?
  11. Its not on. The law states its unenforceable so thats what it should be. When did the judges get to make up the rules as they go along then?
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