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  1. That sounds so like the Bristol place that my daughter went to buy her first car from. She had a lucky escape as the tales they gave her didn't add up, so because the car "wasn't ready" when we went to collect, I was able to point out all the flaws as all the tales emerged and get her turn down the car that wasn't what they said it would be - before going back again. Our only loss was petrol and about 30 phonecalls. It was suprising how "busy" the salesperson was and how "just the valeter" sounded so like the sales person. Can't remember the name of the company, but would recognise it again.
  2. My daughter bought a used car in January (on HP) and at the time of the deal was told the dealer would include a 12 month RAC Gold Warranty "worth £300". When she broke down last month, 200 miles away, we realised she had never received the warranty bok;et or details. We phoned dealer who said initiallyy he'd given her the book. Warranty people told her they could only trace her previous, expired warranty. She paid £171 for repairs. After "talking to his father & his accountant" dealer says that it was warranty people who messed up, but he would reimburse cost of repairs if she can give him invoice made out to his company. So far, we have given him a copy of the invoice and said he can have original when he pays, but if he wants the invoice made to his company, she should have advised that when we originally spoke to him. However, we are quite happy for him to ask repairs garage for invoice in his name. Husband has advised him we think that Trading Standards whould be involved as he has failed to show that he provided the 12 month Warranty as written on receipt. He reckons TS would say that we were in the wrong in not returning the vehicle to him for repairs (he at no time requested this, probably because it would have meant towing/trailering it back) I believe that this is a breach of contract and the remedy should be the £300 value of the goods not provided. Am I correct & what's our best next steps, preferably without resorting to solicitors costs?
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