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  1. Not much, its the unknown thats the issue and being on my tod, but have friends who said they will be here tmoz if i want them 2. im watchin shaun of the dead at mo, on itv2, mite get sum tips on how to get rid of them for good lol
  2. Thank you so so mch you have been a tremendous help. I am going to quote this to the council and he bailiffs and are attempt to take those pics x
  3. Name of the bailiff was a Mr Morley, just looked on my bank statement, it shows there but can definetly say i did not get a receipt What are the correct charges for a bailiff, do you know?? And, what does the FSA say?? Sorry to be ignorant x
  4. It doesnt say, no!! he told me verbally last week as i asked him why it debt had increased I paid the £200 after i signed the walk-in possession order, on another visit, and no i did not get a reciept, although i asked for one
  5. Im not entirely sure how much the liability order was for, I think it was for £400 and sumthing pound I agreed to pay £200 and they agreed to drop there charges on that day. On Monday of last week it doubled in cost AGAIN, back to £425 with £120 attendance fee and i stood there and cryed How can they get away with this?? I emailed my MP detailing everything, I didnt think of that so a BIG thanku for that advice
  6. Mrs Westham Thank-You... Calm manner!!! I dont think they know the meaning of the word, everything in that paragraph said, they are definetly the opposite. Intimidation and unprofessional they are, as you probably know yourself The very best of luck for August x
  7. Hallowitch Thanks for your reply.. They did not inform me in writing no of there attendance tomorrow, it was verbal. The letter they gave me just advises me of my debt, who they are and that an agreement can not be made in regards to payment arrangements. I will lookup my MP's details and see if i can contact them tonite, and i will certainly call the council in the mornin, hav to say though i called them the other day and they really couldnt give a ****
  8. Thank-you Mrs Westham. :confused: Its the walk in possession order that i naively signed that is bothering me, along with everything else, as i allowed them in my flat..They told me as i did this they can break into my flat
  9. Hope you get this, as not sure where to reply... I did get a letter yeah saying it is a distress warrant, and I rang Rossendales and he said he woud be round on Monday to knock my door down
  10. Hello I am at literally now at my wits end....Please help!!! I dont know wot else to do.. I have the bailiffs coming to my home tomorrow which is Rossendales, they have threatened to knock my door down if i dont let them in. My unpaid council tax debt is for £406.25, £120 of this includes there 2nd visit to my flat. When they first attended my flat, they conned me and lied of who they really were, they told me they were the council, so I let them in my flat and i signed a walk in possession order, at the time i did not know what this was. Rossendales have also threatened me wth
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