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  1. Hi Can anyone help me as I am trying to get a statement(s) of account from when a credit card agreement debt was sold on to a third party company. I feel that I need to know and have the original paperwork showing the amounts sold on to identify if the amounts are correct.
  2. Hello Vint1954 I have now received a reply from the letter and in 7 days, hence I now need further advice in respect of their response. Further to your claim that we have only provided an application form, if you look carefully you will that in fact as is typical with many agreements this is both an application form and a properly regulated CCA agreement. I would wish to point out to you at least two significant area's to prove this point the first sentence 'Credit Agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974' and the signature box which which also confirms the same. I no
  3. Dear Vint 1954 Many thanks for this..............I'll get typing and see what happens. I had 2 credit cards with MBNA and the other one I am chasing is also asking MBNA for a statement of account on my behalf. Do you know what they are referring to ?. Many thanks Foo Fighter
  4. Hi, Can anyone advise me regarding this response that I have received from 1st Credit in respect of a complaint after I received very aggressive telephone calls from them ....... I requested a copy of the telephone calls and 1st Credit state "That we are not obliged to provide transcripts/recordings of telephone called as they are not held in a relevant filing system. This interpretation has been confirmed in writing by the Information Commissioners Office". Furthermore it appears necessary to clarify the definition of a "true copy" of an agreement. "Where a creditor reeives a req
  5. Oh, hell I'm a techno dunce....... am I right in thinking that the attachment has now been removed.......?. Damn, I'm hoping it has until I can rescan without my details being public. LA-5-96-29-N is the reference number at the bottom. Many thanks Foo Fighter
  6. Hiya Yes I wrote to both MBNA and 1st Credit back in May requesting a true copy of the CCA, but 1st Credit emailed it over last week after I chased again. Another thing that puzzles me is that I ticked for PPI but I am not sure if I paid it and that the figures quoted go up to 5k and my credit limit was actually 15K.
  7. 1st Credit emailed this over and I have just blanked out my personal details. Can I request a true copy of the CCA in it's original state do you know ?.
  8. Hi Can anyone help me and take a look at this CCA with MBNA ?. This was signed in 1996. Many thanks redoneagreement.PDF
  9. Hi Can anyone help me to look over the attached copy of CCA which was taken out in July 1996. I'm getting masses of hassle from 1st Credit, hence I would appreciate advice if this a legal CCA ?. Many thanks redoneagreement.PDF
  10. Hi Can anyone help as I've requested a copy of my Credit Card Agreement with MBNA for an account which was passed on to 1st Credit. Apart from receiving an agressive call from 1st Credit they have now sent me an electronic copy of my application form for a credit card from MBNA. Is this the Credit Card Agreement or should I be asking for something else as my application just states my details (Name/Address/DOB/Employer and Salary) with the terms and conditions of use of the card. Oddly enough it also quotes up to £5000.00 interest and not above whereby my card limit exceeded that amout.
  11. Can anyone help me as I've writtent to MBNA requesting a copy of my credit agreement on the 22nd June 09, but have not received a reply. I would like to know how to word the next letter demanding a response. I had two credit cards with MBNA which was passed on to Direct Legal and 1st Credit. I was not able to pay because I had major spinal surgery. I took out the credit cards between 1995-1998 and I have been paying 1st Credit and Direct Legal since 2001.
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