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  1. Hi Sorry haven't been on for a while have been in hospital. My dad had a loan with the co op, got in a pickle and couldn't pay it. I have received Court papers claiming against my dad, but my dad doesn't live here and i don't know where he is, what should I do please? I do have all the paperwork relating to it as it all comes here. Many thanks.
  2. Bigsyd this is just like reading my own thread!
  3. Suprise suprise!!! Had CSL on the phone this morning, asking for payment! And they are sending in the baliffs!
  4. Hi Mr Sshh, all quiet on the western front!! Have not heard from them, so am hoping no news is good news!!
  5. Hi yes it is a fix penalty notice for no road tax, £60 and yes it is with one of those you mentioned!!
  6. After what has been said here can anyone tell me if "the warrant" should have been shown to my friend (as they refused) and what should his course of action be?? Many thanks.
  7. I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone for there input but especially PT who took on this for me after Cohens decided to take me back to court. Today Cohens have discontinued on behalf of Next Directory. :D Thank you so much PT for everything, you have been fantastic, THANK YOU.
  8. Hi ok then here goes. about 2 years ago i was stoped in a car that is owned by a relatyives garage, the car is registered at that business address under trade, it was in for work to be done to it, after the work had been done it was road tested,by me straight into a huge police road check, pulled over, no road tax, £60 fixed penalty notice given, off i go. send of the part 3 form at bottom of yellow FP ticket to ask for court hearing to argue that it was under trade and was road tested with a currant MOT.(i would prob still get done but hey ho) i heard nothing, after a year almo
  9. Thanks Hallowitch, I think I have found the site I need but the number is constantly engaged! Many thanks for your help.
  10. Thank you Hallowitch. Anyone know how to contact Tomtubby please?? I can not pm them. Many thanks
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