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  1. the thread has progressed from bailiffs, if you feel it should be moved,or would benefit from the move then be my guest . i think its linked from there anyway. It's sarnie2109's thread, im helping her with the others she has on the other part of the forum. thanks.
  2. now were getting somewhere :D thanks !!! it was proably me not explaining/typing it out properly, i hate typing. Ok so i think i need to have more confidence in my gut feelings and what ive learnt with all these CCA stuff. RE the letter to cohens, im glad you agree, thats how i seeit, cohens are told by next to 'go get our money' and as of yet cohens dont know 'this' account does fall under the CCAct, but think when they get the WS from next and then a letter from us......... fingers crossed. Glad were on the same wave lenght now and hope ive not offended you. hope you feel b
  3. oh forgot to say i included with the WS to court and sent a copy to cohens the video from the BBC news website calledd .. warning "secret" store cards .. in which it shows how the site fools you into a credit based account its only 2.5 mins long but is very good, i wonder what cohens will think after seeing that. BBC NEWS | Business | Warning over 'secret' store card debts
  4. thanks PT thats made far more sense, i wasnt having a go or trying to be rude. as i say i have a lot of cases going around in my head, and im not trained like you....... but yes i take your point about the scripts from CAG hence my Q's the point about the othersides advocate bringing up a 'spanner' i would simply say that it is not relevant to this case and could we please stick to the facts relating to this case, this case is run on credit and credit alone, so where is the CCA as thats what we are here today to discuss and you client has already admitted that they do not have one, y
  5. thats ever so helpful, thanks for that i think your reply lets you down PT, sorry but helping us this far into the case, then backing out and stating im not understanding or unable to activley manage the case ..... is rather lame! thats why 99% of people are here on this site. surey thats where your help comes in, and we have been asking for help for over a week now, with no helpful replies. i have asked you simply to give me some pointers to show how the SOGA is not anything to do with this case as next and there staff quote the SOGA all the time, so they will have some
  6. i will argue that the CCA was never there and this acount is run on credit under the CCA act, so SOGA doesnt come into it, bit im just trying to cover the bases of a cocky lawyer who will quote the right 'sounding' laws and we will loose, see where im comming from. like running through a firing range wearing a tinfoil suite hoping you wont get shot, when the bullets in you its all a little too late.
  7. easy for you to say PT!! so when im in the court with a legaly trained lawyer or solicitor and they spout the SOGA sh!te at us and the DJ and i cant reply, i think we gonna loose. I hear what your saying and i dont disagree with you but the DJ will be swayed by a fast legalese talking lawyer and go with it, like they do in most cases when they have a debt dodging person in front of them trying to play lawyers. or dont you see that happeing
  8. hope ^^ that makes sense. so how do you see SOGA isnt involved here PT, points we can use in our defence.
  9. yeah i understand 'what' should go in the skeleton like youve pointed out, but any advise on how to find that info or help on pointing out relevant points of law etc as if you were writing the skeleton for this case. basicly like ive said im ok with the CCA just would like to add bits that show how this account cant be held under SOGA etc.
  10. i wasnt attacking the DJ at all, i merely 'thought' she had maybe over looked the CCA issue...... sorry for not being trained in law. i did listen to you when we spoke but its a fair bit to take in, i could talk to you about many things im trained in that you wouldnt grasp in one conversation, and there not as complex as law. so any advise on how we move forward, prep for the hearing???, after all thats all we have been asking for in the last few posts.
  11. Yep we know its wrong from what advise we have been given on here, but this is the courts, who ultimately are the ones who know the law, so why have they allowed cohens a new hearing when they just wrote a letter with no points of facts in it, just asking for a new hearing. how can this be, what has the DJ done wrong or missed so we can raise that point in court??? i was hoping for some advice on how to get a defence together showing the supply of goods and services is not relevant. the court has told us what to do???..... they havent told us to do anything!!, could you explain this
  12. Hi oilyrag, im a friend of sarnie2109's .... i rang barclay card the next day and kicked off after we had been to the bank, and they refunded it. i now have 4 police offers including the chief inspector on charges of neglect/ dereliction of duty, as they have all refused to investigate it as a crime!!! i rang first and got a Sargent, he said over the phone, no we wont look at it, it a civil matter. i told him right there and then that it IS a CRIME and i will be in at the station later and i will expect to see an officer. It is every police officers duty as in their oath that; they m
  13. hi, thanks for the reply, i cant remember exactly what part, but it was the correct part i sent off, their saying they have not received it. but surely even the lad taxing it should have filled it out in his name on a form in the post office or the bit of the V5 he had to get the tax, so his half of the form should have been enough. thanks:)
  14. Righto, hello everyone. I owned a transit van back in 2008, which i swapped with a lad that worked for my brother at the time, he had an audi 80 and wanted to swap it for my transit van as he was moving back to liverpool. we swapped vehicles around end of march 2009. He didnt have a V5 fot the audi. I gave him all my paper work for the transit including the complete V5, he was meant to give me back 'my' part from the bottom of the transits V5, he didnt. So i went in to my brother garage and said i wanted it, he had it and had filled the form out to tax it and gave me my little sl
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