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  1. is there anyway she can remain on mortgage but i have complete equity i dont think she will ever get a mortgage to be honest as her saving skills were not good to say the least and she will sign it all over to me without payment aswell as ive already spoke to her about it so no problems there
  2. hi all,right last year i brought a house i shared with a friend and put my girlfriend on there but now me and her have just split up last month so im in a bit of a pickle to remove her i have no equity in the house its worth 125k and i owe 125k im with the chelsea for mortgage and when i tried to just have my name on last year they wanted 60k so i know it wont be any different this time so how do i remove the ex girlfriend from the mortgage?i earn approx 14k year without any overtime which boosts to about 17k-18k with overtime i also have a lodger who pays £70 P/W. Just unsure what to do
  3. Hi,im in the market to buy a buy to let property as i already have a residential property i am buying a house so my sister can live in and just pay the btl mortgage for me now as i understand i wont have to pay any tax because im not making any profit is this right? also if she leaves as she will eventually i will be renting rooms out in the house do i get a tax relief on so much on each room? Or can i have a multi room occupancy and lie on my tax return at the end of the year and say the room rent is less then it is as they will be paying in cash so there would be no trace of the actual
  4. hi im after remortgaging my house in may when my current deal runs out and was wondering if i dont find the valuation from the survey as high as i think and reject the mortgage do i have to pay for the valuation??
  5. Hi,i wont be doing it till may becuase my tracker deal runs out then.I thought you needed forms from the land registry site also? Thanks
  6. Hi all i brought a house with a friend 2 years ago and has now just lost his job so he is willing to let me have full rights to the house when the mortgage term runs out in may as we are on a tracker interest only so cheap as anything at the moment then when its up im gonna remortgage but was wondering what form i need to change the ownership i know its on the land registry site but not sure which form as theres loads. Thanks J
  7. Hi all, im going to be remortgaging in janurary when my current deal runs out but i am about to buy out my other person who owns half of the house with me and me and my girlfriend are going to live here but will i be able to remortgage with her instead of the other person who owns half of the house at the moment?also she is a first time buyer so would it be like taking out a mortgage for the first time again as there are better rates for first time buyers?? Thanks J
  8. thanks everyone for you help ill wait till im back on the electrol roll then see if i still struggle to get a mortgage.
  9. the original creditor was capital one.then they sold the debt onto RW so is there anyway of fighting this?
  10. well i moved away from my address i was at for 13years but am now back there and will be back on the electrol roll at that address again plus all my bank statements and payslips go there.how do i go about contesting the default?is it a case of ive got to live with it and wait another 3years before it is removed?? Thanks J
  11. Hi, Ive just applied for another mortgage and have been declined due to credit scoring i have a default on my credit file that is 3 years old with robinson way that is satisfied for £707 now i have another mortgage which i got last year and the default was not on my file it only got put on this year bearing in mind it was 3yrs since i defaulted, also im not on the electrol roll which my mortgage broker does not seem to think is an issue but ive read on many internet pages that banks will not lend if your not on the electrol roll? Thanks J
  12. i got payslip for the past 2 months (weekly paid)
  13. Hi, Basically im after a mortgage on a house but need to be on the electrol roll so with the electroll roll papers coming out tomorrow i will be putting myself on where im currently staying but i need a mortgage in principle asap as ive found a house and will have enough to cover it and have good credit scores the address i will be on is my previous address which i lived at for 13+yr's but moved abroad but now back so obviously my credit pages will not be updated straight away but i explained the situation to the council and they said i should be ok if i go in and get written proof from the
  14. hi,basically im after buying a house with my girlfriend but am currently on a joint mortgage with a friend on another house i have 10% deposit for the house with my girlfriend how much of a problem will i have getting another joint mortgage with the girlfriend? she is a first time buyer and has good credit rating and i also have good credit rating. Thanks James
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