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  1. turkwyfe4lyfe I really really do appreciate that its sounding more positive. Its good to know your all out there to help Ive tried to go it alone but it does get hard just gonna keep strong no matter what.
  2. I was hoping the investigation would give them something to think about. Just wonder who the 50 Pay day lenders are but I think most of us can guess some of them. I knew minicredit would be hard but they sent like 1 text since that last email including what I said to them reminding them about what happened to MCO. I know I will need help with PDE and probably mini not sure what to expect off CFO yet they said they only accept repayments negotiations after account going over 33 days I think they said.
  3. In the email they sent me they sounding nice whoever it was who sent it. I only explained the exact same thing to Loretta and I got a reply say they are sorry for the situation I am in and the financial hardship and they would try and help me via live chat or by phone. I print Screen sysRQ all over the dialogue and pasted to paint and saved the whole conversation just in case I needed it for future back up. Loretta seems like the boot camp sort of person out of the QQ collections gang lol! Renegadeimp I will definatley get my OFT complaint tomorrow morning going to work on my complaint
  4. I will get the card cancelled tomorrow as it is to much stress having that account open. Plus Lloyds are charging me £10 for a DD they returned back to QQ. Wage Day Advance and PayDayUK seem to have accepted the £1 token a month offer PaydayUK gave me their bank details without me asking Ive just asked WDA by email to send me there details so I can make a standing order payment. The Loan Store sent me an email saying they were expecting a payment from me on that Thursday the payment I offered them was £1 so assumed they had accepted the £1 token a month token for the time being but whe
  5. Just had this conversation with QQ sorry if its to long. Hello! Thank you for choosing QuickQuid, where you can get 10-Minute Money, 24/7. A representative will respond to you shortly You are now chatting with Loretta. Loretta: Hello Chris, how may I assist you today? ME: Basically Ive sent a few email explaing my situation, I lost my job and I am not currently working as the option I had left was to claim Jobseekers allowance benefit which I did I offered a payment to the collections via email and they said they would be happy to assist in my time of hardship one of the
  6. I`m on JSA and have 9 Payday loans Ive had to list them because I could not remember who they were with. I said to myself when I start to default then I will start posting on here for help and which letters to use. I have read numerous post on here and I have rememberd some advice for other people. So I went straight in there when I started to default and send emails offering £1 a month and ignoring phone calls. Wage Day and the Loan store seem to have excepted the £1 a month payments but Ive asked them to confirm it and I will send a standing order of £1. PayDayUK have been reallly
  7. I was this thinking of applying for a DRO as I am in this horrible situation with pay day loans I have 7 but I am now on JSA and don`t have any cash spare even though I am living with my Dad. The thing is I can`t even afford the £90 I know you can try and pay in instalments but at the moment I can`t even afford that. Is there any help I can get towards paying for the DRO?
  8. Hi, I am just hoping someone can help with some info. I do not have a fixed address, and at the moment I am sleeping at different friend address every few until I manage to get myself a property sorted out (which hopefully will be soon). Can I still apply for a community care grant? I know I don`t have my own property just yet, but seen as I do not have a stable address and hopefully soon (I have been apply for private rented flats through agents so just waiting till I get a response from them). I am claiming JSA at the moment to. Any info will very much appreciated! T
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