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  1. Thanks for your help on that it has been a relief to get accepted for a bank account
  2. Thanks for that, you are completely correct, she had put my application forward incorrectly. They are now processing this again for me. I will have a bank account as soon as they get my proof of ID.
  3. When I applied the woman on the phone said that there was a credit check and that my score was not good so she had to refer it to the underwriters.
  4. I was turned down for the Co-op acc because of my credit score, unless they gave me the wrong account
  5. As far as I am aware the only thing they need to verify is your identity. I had a problem because I was homeless having had my house repossessed, but then I found somewhere to live I had to take proof to the bank to get them to accept my identity. I am expecting to get a basic Nationwide Cashcard account, which is not good enough for my needs but will get me something. I am thinking to set up a limited company and get a bank account that way.
  6. HSBC credit score their accounts, so I told them not to bother. Apparently Sainsbury's bank have a savings account that has online banking, you can send and receive money online, and you get a cash card with it. This may be ok for me, so I am looking into that as well.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I am waiting to hear back from Co-op N&P will call me back tomorrow CardOneBanking say yes, but not DD facility and it is expensive, £30 to open the account and £12.50 per month. But no credit checks at all. I will keep searching
  8. Since A&L closed my bank account a few months ago I have not had an account at all. However, I now need a bank account that will allow me online banking. Unfortunately my credit rating is very bad and the first one I tried closed the account right after they opened it. I am stuck, does anyone know which bank I should try? I can't use Lloyds or NatWest or Abbey or Alliance and Leicester or RBS as they all want my blood at the moment. Does that leave anyone else? Any ideas are most welcome.
  9. Often the no win no fee means that you still have to pay the costs of the winning side if you loose. It all depends on the insurance that your solicitors take out. They will insure their costs, i.e. no fee from them if you loose, but usually the cost of insuring both their fees and the other sides is not something they want to cover. It is only in cases where the likely costs could be high and the opposing side demand to see evidence that you can cover the costs if you loose. In these situation the solicitor will insure both sides to allow the case to proceed.
  10. Nationwide do a basic savings account with cash card. No cheque book, no debit card, just cash. And no credit checks
  11. It is highly likely that FC will go for a charging order on their house and then seek a forced sale. Really they must get proper legal advice. You should post this thread again in the legal advice section I think there may be more help there. Sorry I can't be of more help but I have not come across this situation before whereby you have a Bill of Sale when you thought you had a loan. It sounds like a nice loophole for the lender. Please pass on any information you get from anywhere else. Also if you don't find the answers here, check out the CCCS (Consumer Credit Counselling Service) cccs.co.uk and look at the monaysavingexpert.co.uk site, maybe there are some resources there.
  12. Anyone know whether there is a route for this complaint to be taken further? IMHO banks only ever change if customers or the authorities force them to. If they can simpy continue ot write apology letter and leave it at that they will.
  13. You are so right about the priorities of our life. It is so easy to let money cloud our vision of what is really important. I know that my kids are more important to me than the problems debt creates. In the times when I felt so depressed that I felt I could not go on, I simply put a picture in my head of the affect loosing me would have on them and I knew I could never do that to them. Now I have passed the worst and though I am homeless and my kids now live with my ex-wife, I am making progress in the right direction.
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