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  1. Could any one help I have recently asked for discoverable documents from my old bank they have presented a number of documents which proport to have been executeted may 2005 may 2006. I beleave these documents have been created from an earlier loan guarantee which was signed. The reason I ask for help is simply this in the two documentsthe both of the loan applicants are stated as being four and five years younger than they are the ages given would have been correct in the origional loan agreement the one which I believe the two in question have been taken from. Does any one know if t
  2. If I read this correctly the real issue is the Credit card dept if it has missed payments?? If not you might still have options that are less painful although it would be more of a private conversation. Regards
  3. This might well be a silly question but can you not apply to another lender and ask for a buy to let mortgage? Given that you can show that you have already had a mortgage for seven years and your wadge is sufficient for this type of product would this not resolve the issue?
  4. I really need help with an issue I have with a Bank. They are attempting to hold me liable for the debt of a company which I was a Director. It now transpires that the letter of offer was never signed or stamped on behalf of the company or the bank. the company resolution was never signed or agreed. Is there any one out there that might be able to help? I am defending this case on my own in the Hign Court help would be appreciated. Regards
  5. Thank you for this reply and your offer to try and help as best you can it is appreciated. Now I will try and answer as best I can. The personal Guarantee is one I signed when I was a Director of a Ltd Company. Its value is 160K. They also have a charge on a property but they have not introduced this as yet. This has not went through Court yet we as still exchanging documents the bank seem to be messing around with the discovery. The case will next be reviewed mid March. Having read the information sent to me on Thursday I have noticed I have noticed that the si
  6. Could any one help me I have a problem with a Personal Guarantee which is held by a bank and they wish to enforce. This was a guarantee signed to cover the liabilities a Ltd company which I was the sole Director of. I have spent the last few years tussling with this Bank and they have now issued proceedings in the High Court to enforce there Guarantee. I a have no choice but represent my own case in this matter. They also have first charge over a property however the address written on there documentation does not match the property which should be the subject of the guarantee rather it i
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