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  1. Andyorch, I understand and i accept your advise. I will quietly do nothing and wait for the next MCOL from a DCA. Only then will i act, by following your previous advise Once again, thank you. Confession. .
  2. Okay, What is the estimated cost to do this as you have suggested to get it struck out please. Also does this mean that i will need to deal with a DCA to achieve this aim please
  3. Okay will leave alone,won't call and as you have suggested, will wait for the DCA or a new DCA to make contact. I will never enter dialogue with them I chose to ignore them until the issue of a new MCOL . then I will make contact with you and hopefully u will assist. Is this the correct approach?
  4. Thank you Andy, will ring MCOL on Monday 17 Oct 2016 to confirm stayed!. Once again thank you. Confession
  5. Can i request MCOL to "put aside" permanently. I dont want a next DCA taking the MCOL route again . This was the 2nd time this has been done to me for this alleged debt. What do i need to do to achieve this aim please. Once again, i thank you all from the bottom of my heart Confession
  6. Andyorch I sent the defence on 31 August 2016 with your extra wordings> i received an acknowledgment from the court stating that the creditor had 28 days to respond i think. I have heard nothing as of 14 October 2016. My records in MCOL reads Your acknowledgment of service was received on 17/08/2016 at 12:01:48 Your defence was submitted on 31/08/2016 at 11:38:43 Your defence was received on 31/08/2016 at 14:01:50 What should i do know, ie what is the next step please Many thank Confession
  7. This is a credit card debt that was obtained online in 2004 , transferred from one credit card company to another in 2004. When Idem took over virgin debts and issued me with a MCOL , I requested my agreement as recommended from this site. Idem sent me my agreement which is The Consumer Act 1974. There are no signatures just "ticks" where the signature should be. This was in 2014. In the end Idem issued me with a Notice of discontinuance after i had submitted my defence. Debt is £3162.00 Two years later and many DCA s, Arrow Global Shoosmi
  8. myboyelvis I have a similar problem, please advise how your promblem ended Confession
  9. I did include the £1.00 postal order. The outstanding debt with Tesco is a loan about 7 years ago
  10. I issued the request for CCA on 17 August 2009 so far i havent heard anything about that except for a letter from Triton saying that i have broken my repayment plan and that i need to bring the payments up to date. This is because i paid them £20.00 instead of £60.00 last month . They are now threatening too take further action unless i bring payments up to date I am not working at the moment but hope too soon so that i can pay them the £60.00 agreed. I really want this debt to be settled Triton havent mentioned the CCA at all. I will wait for the CCA and if it doesnt come with 14
  11. help Foolishly requested CCA together with offering a final settlement. Well they have rejected my offer and send no CCA therefore i am going to formal request CCA as this website suggested in the first place. I was just scared. My question is should i reply back to the rejection of my firm and final offer or should i just request CCA ? Any help appreciated
  12. MBNA have freezed my intereset and i now pay £60 per month interest free. I owe approv £6K. I want to offer a firm and final settlement , do u think that i will p**s them off it i request CCA?
  13. Not to worry i will find it myself . I have been on this website since 10.00 oclock today trying to get advise
  14. thank you so much diddydicky. I will do that first thing tomorrow. Sorry to bother but could u please provide a link to the CCA form pse
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