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  1. RESULT TODAY got a letter back from natwest appologising for everything awarding me everything back except £100 pounds to be paid within 14 days, and the default notice removed from my file...still no Telephone recording and they beat around the bush on all my complaints but im not that bovered if its gonna get rid of 800 - 900 od pounds
  2. yes i was over the age of 18 when i went overdrawn i am now 20 birthday the other week lol, ill keep posting updates as they come in like i say im just waiting for this woman to write up a report and see what the next step is, ive now sent the subject to access letter with the £10 via recorded delivery...
  3. thanks, yeah my income goes into my wallet now instead of theres lol (except they have done somthing now to my credit report to stop me getting another account in other banks!!) so i have a cash card account with hsbc Ive now recieved a letter containing the word "sorry" on and sumones writing up a full report on the whole situation. soooo looks like theyve listened to the recording, I still need it so im going to send the Subject Access Request with the £10 incase they try and slither them selves around it. Appreciate all the help
  4. sorry about paragraphs lol, yeah i just assumed the final ruling means i cannot go any further and i did have a look around and its seems like people are just figuring other ways around. I have all the statements i have ever had, I made a formal request but did not send £10, I sent it 2 weeks ago. I checked with the post office and it has been recieved. Ahhh forgot to add when I wrote to Natwest I told them to confirm Trident are allowed to collcet monies from myself, but the agreement also says that monies are to be paid in branch over the counter? Im trying my best but im only 19 lol
  5. im stuck for the last few months ive doing what everyone has and trying to reclaim bank charges, it would seem I went 2.84 o/d even though i dont have an overdraft and now owe 900 odd pounds, just because i was away, surley they cannot ass theese fees if i never had an o/d, also when it got to 300pounds I phoned up and agreed to make a payment plan which they agreed and said there would be no more charges from now and i could pay, the next day 152 pounds was added on and went from there, ive requested the telephone recording which this was said on, obviously stating data protection act blah bl
  6. so theres no chance on playing the i didnt live there in that period game?
  7. well i have both copies of the tenancy agreement with me because i work for my ex landlord anyway, i could change it so my name isnt on it but the council have a copy of the one with both our names on when they put the claim in, the housing benefit was in her name but we were both on the rent agreement.
  8. I was living in a property in 2008 with a previous partner and she was claiming housing benefits, just a couple of days ago i got a knock on the door telling me that i owe the council 359 in council tax arrears for the period of like 4 months? i said to them its not my debt but they said because they cant find her im liable for it, I have emailed the council and they rekon this enforcable and that theyve attemtped to conact me before which is bull, so i told them I have no money and ill pay them 5pound a week until i can sort somthing out, I emailed the council saying that action should be tak
  9. oh well, its only cause ive sent a cca request before for an actual debt it put me in the clear that i decided to use one again just thought if i send it it they cant prove anything and then relaise theve made a mistake.... i know what debt collectors are like they come round and **** u off and if sumone turns up at my house i will get ****ed off so a i nce letter will supress the anger lol, we had two people in a van turn up at work to take computers away because apparntly we dint pay business rates which were paid like 7 months prior nd it ended up in two large men getting forced out of the
  10. i see im sorry to keep going on i just dont understand the second letter, the first one says i dont have to do anything and wait for them to prove.... the second one says that there working on behalf of there client therefore there is no notice of assignment and I have 14 days to reply to that one..can you see what im getting at lol..is that there result for finding the documentation or not
  11. it was always Mr A T***** in there letters not my full first name, i never replied using my full first name but now on theese two letter it does have my full first name, shall i just write them a letter saying i still dont acknolwedge the debt and will cease communication until u can provide me with evidential proof that myself have been entered into a credti agreement until such such time i will be reporting this case to the OFT ? obviously worded better and spell checked lol
  12. ta, i think its a bit rediculous they just scare people into giving them money, what should i do in the meantime ie the reply to this they dont have a notice of assignment..does this mean i can tell them with out this they cannot enforce any more action towards me?
  13. nope! that was the first I ever herd of it...
  14. hello Ireiceved a letter asking me to pay up within so many days for a sum of 734.41 which apparntly I owe to capital one or legal action and door step visits etc. So i sent a cca request to them aswell as telling them my rights about door step visits harrasment and that I do not acknoledge the debt. Today I recieved two letters from capquest both with the same date, one saying that my account is now on hold for 28days whilst they obtain information and a second saying that "we can confirm that we are only working on behalf of our client, therefore there is no Notice of Assignment" ...
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