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  1. Hi, I have a question that I can't get a confident answer on. I would really appreciate the help of anyone who has the knowledge. I have a large unsecured debt and am being advised that a DMP would be a good option for me. One of the first things to do is open a safe account and I had always assumed that my offshore account in Jersey was 'safe'. However, I have both an overdraft on that account and UK debts with the same bank, and another in their group. Would the UK bank be able to offset against the Jersey account? Thanks.
  2. Hi, Happy New Year. Well I lost my nerve and sent them another CCA request but this time with the payment etc. just so it was done right. They should have got back to me by today and I've seen nothing. If I send an amended version of Scots letter, and actually stop paying, what are they likely to do next? Many thanks.
  3. Thanks Cerbusalert. I have attached the original responce from Ltsb, I would like your opinion before I continue with the process. Many thanks. ltsb.doc
  4. Hi All, Hope I'm putting this in the right place:confused:. I wondered if somebody could help. I have a Lloyds Credit card which I have had for many years, originally it was an Access card. I wrote to them back in the summer when they sent me a new card attached to some terms and conditions. The Ts & Cs were incomplete and referred me to my 'original agreement' under many headings. They wrote back saying they were responding to my request 'under the consumer credit act' and I had no idea what they were talking about. I've since come up to speed... a bit. I'm having trouble affording my payment, though I havn't missed one yet. How realistic is it for me to try to make my situation easier using the 'unenforcable' route? They have sent me an agreement 'as it would have been' but said that they are looking for the signed one. I'm very grateful for any advise.
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