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  1. No I havent done that as yet but i will do that today. I didn't think Ebay could do anything as i didn't use Buy It Now. I am going to go to my local police station today and report it. Do you think I would have a good chance if it took this to the small claims?
  2. I am needing advise as what to do next regarding an Ebay member. I found parts I was needing to repair my car on an ebay members account, he had a number of parts i needed so i contacted him to see if i could buy all the items as a package for a reduced price. After a couple of emails via ebay we came to an agreement, which was £400 and I would arrange a courier to pick the items up from his house. He then told me he wanted the payment to be done by bank deposit in to his account and to get in contact as soon as I had done this so he could remove all the items off ebay then arrange the courier
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