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  1. hi if it were me i would stop paying until the cca arrives.when you write and ask for it and it does not come the account is then in dispute you dont have to pay anything until they respond to your request. at the end of the day they want as much cash as they can screw out of you. the reason you are asking for the cca is so you can check its a legal valid agreement if they never send it how can you know.
  2. hi all just an up date on apex got a letter on friday we have closed your account and sent it back to tsb ho and a cheque for my £1 so a little victory there for me just goes to show that there full of empty threats and no action. looking forward to whats next,as they have admitted in a previous letter there is no cca, not a lot i suppose:D:D
  3. thanks all for the above thats given me a clearer idea of where to go with this
  4. been making payments to dca for last few years on and off . im not very sure how to put it to them that they dont have a leg to stand on if they do take it to court but im sure they know this. any thoughts on what to put in the letter im going to send i want to send something that sounds good but not sure what to write besides somethig basic
  5. its for a personal loan aprox 10 years old
  6. hi all just wondering if some body can point me in the right direction. asked for a cca back in july 09 from loyds tsb,thru apex nothing turned up exept all the usuall we are going to sue you. offers of early settlement ect. Then in october i got a letter from apex that says we were informed by our client that the account is now too old for a copy of the agreement,and that legally they only have to keep documentation for five to six years. dont know how they can take me to court if theres no cca,what i want to do is shut them up for good am i right in thinking that no cca its not e
  7. hello all have now received an application form from cap one along with a letter which says its a vallid cca which it cant be as there no terms but it does have my signiture on it. also says they dont consider the account to be in dispute any more can any one point me in the direction i need to be going.
  8. hi all today i have received a letter from cap quest which is the funnest thing i have seen in a long while:):) starts of by saying it is apparent we need to start the litigation process then goes on to say i can settle the account for a reduced sum over a three month period if i contact them by the13 november. I'm still waiting for a true copy of my cca has any body got any experience of this. how open are they to reducing the settlement figure even further or should i just let them take me to court:D
  9. thought that might be a bit of a long shot but on a more serious note now they have confirmed in writing they dont have a cca so they cant enforce the agreement. is the law of the land on my side now hope fully they will go away. and i can pay them what i want when i want or not if i please. the debt is 12 years old so it doesn't appear on credit checks ect. if in the future i could offer them a full and final to tidy it all up would this be a good idea I must say this has made my week its good to get the upper hand for once to any body struggling out there keep
  10. hi all will have to write somthing up over the weekend the last line of the letter made me laff we look forward to hearing from you so that we can make an informed decision on any future action I wonder if i could ask them for all my payments i have made on the account back as they have no cca then i could sell the debt onto a dca:-):-)
  11. update:lol::lol: recived a letter from apex today which says we have been informed by our client that the account is now too old for a copy of the agreement. and that legally they onle have to keep documentation for five to six years or what is considered to be an acceptable time. could you provide us with details of your dispute. any body think of best way to finish them off
  12. hi all today i have received back my cca from c one sorry cant post it at moment as scanner not working.on the letter with it they say the signature box signature and date have been omitted as permitted under regulation 3 of the consumer credit(cancellation notices and copy documents) regulations 1983. In the terms and conditions it states an apr and says payments are due 26 days after the statement date but for the credit limit it says will be determined by us from time to time. any help where do igo from here.
  13. Hi all have come home to find a letter in the post on tsb letter head but with apex address on it lists payments i have made from 8/9/2008 to5/8/2009 does not say a lot more . but it does say the interest rate is 0% which will be applied throughout the term of the loan. As this is the only statement like this i have received in the past twelve years or so i smell a rat there is a couple of contact telephone numbers and it says if i need extra information i should contact them.what crap will they send next:eek:
  14. no chance of any panic over this at the mo but it just goes to show they have no cca. stuff em bunch of low lifes cant wait fo the lettrs to follow:-D
  15. thanks silly girl will send something to those words of and see what happens it just shows though what a bunch of idiots they are though i wonder what would happen if they tried to take me to court as they say . I'm sure it would be very embarrassing for them:D
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