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  1. I had grounds to appeal it got rejected, money is owed, I accept that. Reasonable fees, again acceptable. Offering to pay 75% immediately of the total and the remaining in 5 days again is reasonable. Im not trying to dodge the fine. What is unacceptable is the unreasonable fees that have been added on by Jacobs and there unwillingness to be reasonable. They continue to add fees at will. Im now seeking legal advise and will complain via civea.
  2. Thanks for reply. Yes they did give reasons, they stated they did send out all documentation and that they had grounds to issue the ticket. I could end up paying more in the long run its seems, looks like I may have to bite the bullet. Dont want this hanging over my head for much longer.
  3. To set aside the court order. Ideally I would prefer to settle charge directly with the council/TEC. I did also send a response stating that I hadn't received the charge certificate which I did not, however my appeal was rejected.
  4. Hi All, I received a parking ticket via Enfield Council in November 2012 (by a sneaky warden, sniffing around on a saturday afternoon) for having 2 wheels on the side of a curb. The initial ticket was £50 (rose to £117 after 14 days) I challenged this, it got rejected. Then challenged the fact that I didn't receive all letter documentation through the post, again this got rejected. Therefore the council instructed Jacobs Bailiffs to recover the debt. The initial letter sent by Jacobs had a charge of £180, the 2nd letter £247.47 (which stated removal in 48 hrs), then the 3rd £317.47 (remov
  5. Just seen this, hence late reply. Please see the below, all of which i have had PPi policy at some point: 1999-2004-BarclayCard- £1500 Limit, Balance £0. Account closed down voluntarily. PPi policy was in place throughout use of the account when it was active. 2000-2008- Capital One- £2100 Limit, Final Balance £2100. Defaulted. Sold to 3rd party (Experto)- Currently paying off balance. PPi was in place throughout the use of the account when it was active. 2000-2007- Monument Card £5000 Limit, final balance £0. Monument closed account due to inactivity. PPi policy was in place th
  6. Has anybody managed to claim PPI/Charges from Credit Card debt that has now been defaulted and taken over by a third party debt collection agency?
  7. All, Has anybody had success in an offer for voluntary payment. I have received an order after missing 2 monthly payments, on £5598.61 debt. My order monthly payments were agreed at £39.50 via CCJ order. I can make this payments but in all honesty forget to re set up standing order on-line after they were accidentally deleted. I'm in a very sensitive work siltation and an attachment request via the courts would put my job in major jeopardy, I really cannot let this go via my employer. I have contact Optima to request that I pay arrears and continue to pay monthly payments witho
  8. Hi All, Cut a long story short I took out a secured welcome finance loan in 2008 for 15k (stupidest thing I have ever done). The original terms were 314.69 per month. I was making these payments initially until in 2010 it became too much to cope with, I was missing payments occurring charges but managed to catch up. Then in 2011 got into trouble again so arranged a reduced payment of £200 a month. Welcome are very good at forcing customers into agreements they cant afford. Apparently this reduced monthly payment was interest free and would be frozen until further notice. I checked my stat
  9. Cheers Topman Andrew. I will give that a try. There is no point in speaking to A&L they are clueless and completely unreasonable.
  10. Thanks Andrew would be much appreciated. This bank have been extremely rude and totally unreasonable. I would never open an account with them again.
  11. I have had an A&L Account which has an overdraft limit of £1500. It has been overdrawn once or twice in two years and my partner and I but in regular payments between £800-£1300 so it always meets the required minimum deposit amount every month. I have a few direct debits which are assigned to this account including my monthly mortgage payments. I have had recent financial difficulty with credit card payments which included an A&L Credit card. I seeked advice from the CCS and sent out letters to my creditors explaining the situation, but I hadn't signed up to any Debt Management Plan a
  12. i have similiar problems with the buggers. I would advise everybdoy to NEVER EVER take a loan at with them. They are crooks. The harrasment I have been receiving for 1 month missed payment is unreal. Its beyond a joke. The interest is crazy and they even charge for letter and phone calls?? I need to get out of this agreement somehow!!
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