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  1. Well after reading these posts my concern seems quite not so bad!!! i feel silly now..... Well i really think that father's should pay towards the upkeep of their chikldren, i get tax credits an child tax credits, i work but only 28 hours per week, better than not working i am thinking!!!! My ex is the same in a quite well paid job and i am thinking by the time the damm CSA sort themselves out he will have packed in his job and gone on the dole!!! damm typical... sure we should be able to make them pay all the damm back pay if its their fault. Took some good advise and emailed my local councillor, hopefully that might quicken things up. My friend has a son and when him an d his ex split up he contacted CSA and made a payment over the phone and has never once missed a payment, although she told the CSA that all her 3 children where his and tried to make him pay for her 3 kids ( only 1 is his), thankfully they contacted her back and she admitted that vhe was the father to just one child.... many thanks for all ur comments
  2. Hi i am new to site and really need som help?? I contacted the csa 14 months ago for payments for my 7 yr old son and to date have recieved nothing, only to be fobbed off every time i contact them. I have been told my case has gone 'clerical' and this can now take up to another 6 months to sort out by which time i know my ex partner will have left his job. Frustrated is not the word, the csa have wrote on numerous occasions stating that they are going to start taking money out of his wage cos he works full time but apparenlty the system cant cope with the case ( so i have been told) and they have to do this manually. I have complained by email twice and also wrote a letter of complaint to no avail. If anyone knows of anything else i can do , your views with be fully appreciated many thanks
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