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  1. Haha thanks very much, I guess I'll just send of the letter and see what happens. I think I'll have to pay though as from what I've read they're putting all claims on hold due to the court case. This would mean that my charges are still stacking up and its possible the court case could go the wrong way. This sucks, any chance that since its a relatively small amount they might be generous?
  2. Nobody has any advice or comments? Could do with some help here
  3. It's the Nationwide account I'm overdrawn on. Basically I used it, then abandoned it without realising I was in debt, this led to masses of charges building up. My Natwest is a student account but that's fine.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a student that's just spent the year studying in Copenhagen, I opened a Nationwide account because they don't have any charges on withdrawing money abroad. Bargain I thought. Didn't really turn out that way though, as once I used up all the money I originally deposited I resorted to using my main Natwest account. I found that easier as I had internet banking set up and could keep track of my money. What I didn't realise is that I had gone £20 overdrawn in August 2008 (the account wasn't supposed to have an overdraft) and this has spiralled into £162 of debt whic
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