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  1. It totally is, I cant understand how they are able to get away with it. I can beat that:- £11,000 borrowed £42,748 at end of 15yr term
  2. This is a fantastic idea - if only there were some realistic way to implement it. I was forced to take a secured loan with these rogues in Jan 08, Im paying just under £250 per month on £11k and just received my annual statment which shows only £10 of the £250 actually goes toward reducing my capital argggggggg!!!! I vow to do anything in my power to help bring these people to their knee's!
  3. Hey folks - just a quick update. The appeal has been accepted and as stated would happen the payments have continued. I'll let you know the outcome of the appeal as and when. Thanks all.
  4. Fantastic advice and very informative information. Thanks to all for your input, I will update the thread with news when I have some. Many thanks!
  5. The DWP in their infinate wisdom have decided to stop my wife's Employment and Support Allowance (formally incapacity benefit). My wife has 2 genuine and quite severe conditions and has only been claiming for the past couple of months. She was sent a questionniare before being made to attend a medical assessment and although her GP, pschologist and surgeon have all agreed she is not fit for work at the moment the medical services and DWP clearly think they know more and have, as of the 23rd, stopped her benefit based on some points system or other which is clearly flawed. The whol
  6. Good result under the circumstances - congrats
  7. I apprecaite what you're saying car however As stated, it is my experience that having complained or not ultimately has no bearing on whether the CEO gets involved, poor service is poor service and no CEO worth his salt has or will ignore a complaint highlighting his organisations flaws just because you didnt complain through the correct channels. (In actual fact CEO's very rarely get involved but the complaint will be passed (with weight) to a head of department or similar.)
  8. With the greatest respect I couldnt disagree more as this would only waste more time and cause further frustration. The numerous telephone calls and emails can be counted toward using the correct complaints procedures. It is of course entirely up to you daveafl but I have taken this course of action many times. Some I exhausted the internal procedures some I just went straight to the CEO, with no significant difference in results. These included some heavy weights like the Halifax, GMAC, HSBC, Shop Direct, Lloyds TSB, BT, N-Power, all with 100% success. Good luck in any eventuality.
  9. Agreed, I think you'll find that contractually they have you by the short ones. However.. An old fav of mine - fire an email to the CEO and as many directors you can find outlining the ridiculous level of service etc. Works every time for me!!
  10. Dont use a claims managment firm what ever you do - they'll take a large chunk of what you get back and seeing as its so easy to do yourself its a waste of money!! Can I ask though, what company took the money in error?
  11. Was it just a personal loan your g/f took out or a hire purcahse agreement? Was the agreement between yourselves witnessed by anyone? As far as having the car back AND all the money owed - she's delusional. My personal opionion on the surface of things is she would have to make a civil case against you, which would take a while and as long as you have proof of all the repayments you've made I think you should be fine.
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