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  1. Hi It is Hamptons Legal. On the last correspondence I had from their collection company "Red" they said they would not be corresponding with me again and passing it to a Solicitors, so, I had assumed it was a Solicitors, but on further inspection of the letter, it is another subsidiary of Lowell (silly me). They have also somehow found out my home telephone number which is ex-directory and are calling constantly. So much so I have had to put the thing on silent.
  2. Good morning. Sadly still getting harassed about this. I had continued to receive threatening letters mentioning that they would petition to bankrupt me or issue a summons. They passed the debt to their own in-house debt collectors (if you can call "passed" they probably walked across the room and stuck it on someone else's desk!) who again were sending these threats. I replied to this debt collectors a few months ago referring them to my previous correspondence with Lowell and told them that according to Guidance Notes issued by the OFT on sections 77,
  3. Very interesting news. I went through hell last year because they refused a home assessment because I have agoraphobia. They ignored my doctor's appeal and I had to get my MP involved, before they actually backed down. My health deteriorated a lot because of the stress. I actually found this thread via the CAG email, but, I just thought I would let a mod know that the email link wouldn't work for me. (I'm on chrome if it's any help).
  4. Thanks all, my SAR is being posted today. Will see what they come back with. I haven't been able to get in the garage yet, my old back has gone, so thought I may as well get the letter in the post.
  5. Thank you for the prompt response. It was Ford Credit, you jogged my memory, thank you. Found this thread about possibly going to the underwriter (see the last post) http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?131364-Ford-Credit-PPI-FOS-say-No! I seem to recall getting the same patter from the sales person as the other CAG member in the OP of that thread. I do have some odd paperwork in the garage, so will give it a rummage through just in case. No harm in looking Thanks again!!
  6. Hi This is probably a long shot. I have only just remembered I had PPI on some car finance I took out with a Ford Dealership in the year 1999 (I think). I have no paperwork at all left and the dealership is no longer at the same premises. I'm thinking it was probably Evans Halshaw, but not even sure of that. The dealership was on Station Brow or Stanifield Lane (part of same road) in Leyland, Lancashire. I have looked on google and it isn't bringing up a thing (even in images). 1. Would this dealership have been a franchise? 2. Am I flogging a dead horse? Thanks, as al
  7. Hi posting for a friend please. A friend had two bank accounts with Lloyds. There are balances on both accounts (totalling £1100). We put in a claim last year for Bank Charges (a bit late I know, according to MSE it can still be done), the case is currently with the FOS awaiting a final decision. He keeps getting letters from DCA's acting on behalf of Lloyds and has now received a threatening letter from a DCA's Solicitor. Lloyds are fully aware that this case is with the FOS. Are the DCA's allowed to continue to chase the debt even though it is under query and with the F
  8. Thanks for the reply Andy. The Claim Form was issued by United Utilities not a Solicitor, it was signed by Head of Legal. I've just had a look at his file and he did receive a letter from UU Legal Department dated 15 April 2013 warning of possible court action. (Although considering the charges only began on 1 April I was surprised they sent a demanding letter like that so soon!!) From the letter:- I found UU Code of Practice in relation to debt, but it doesn't make anything clearer. http://www.unitedutilities.com/documents/Code_of_practice_debt_recovery.pdf
  9. Hi, this is an enquiry on behalf of a friend of mine (he is 65 so was not quite on the ball with bills etc). He received his United Utilities water bill in March 2013 (for the year 2013/2014), it asked that he pay 50% in April and 50% in August. He normally pays it in full straight away, but due to his financial situation hadn't paid it at the time. He mentioned it to me so I told him to bring his bill round and I would look into setting up a direct debit. On 31 May 2013 I set him up an online account and tried to set up a direct debit for him, but, their website wouldn't allow me
  10. When I became ill a few years ago I ended up defaulting on a number of debts and stupidly stuck my head in the sand. Lowell ended up buying a few of my debts and the first I knew of it was when I was handed a stat demand in respect of one of the debts on my doorstep. I have entered into a payment plan on that and the SD was cancelled. MY PROBLEM One of the debts which was Barclaycard (not the above one) can not be enforced as there is no CCA and the account was opened in 1999. Lowell have admitted in writing that they do not hold the CCA, Although Lowel
  11. Hi there gers, as you are probably aware the best course of action would be to close the bookmaker/gambling site account. If you can't stop, is it worth cancelling your internet connection/smart phone so you can't gamble online? Have you tried GA at all? To be honest, although the credit card company have been lacking, I don't think they can't be held responsible for your actions. Call them and tell them to put an immediate stop on your card so no further damage can be done. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful, but wish you the best and hope you can recover from this.
  12. Thank you for the other advice. There was no need for probate or letters of administration after her passing. The records office asked me to provide photographic ID and a utility bill, so I emailed these over to them after I created this thread with the signed Application for copy records, I will see what they come back with.
  13. From my understanding the LCP was drawn up between the NHS and Marie Curie. This is what it says in the Marie Curie leaflet. http://www.mariecurie.org.uk/Documents/Q812-LCP-carer-info-5-26-nov.pdf Not only was that not discussed, but, there are other things that occurred in her care at the hospital that I have concerns about. My mum was in a coma, she spoke to me about 3am following the day of her admittance, then after prompting spoke to my sister too, but it was disregarded and they continued not to give her any fluids or take any other action, they didnt even examine her
  14. Hi I only found out via news reports earlier this year about the Liverpool Care Pathway. My mother died in 2009 and I now believe she was put on this Pathway, although we were not informed and our permission was not asked. Having looked into this a little I believe our permission HAD to be granted and the hospital acted unlawfully. Other things also occured and I want to see what has been recorded about this as I believe a couple of things are suspicious. I have put in a SAR and FOI request to the hospital. I originally asked all my questions under the FOI and was told by the hosp
  15. No I haven't admitted anything, I have referred to "the alleged debt" in correspondence. Also, earlier in the thread I was advised to contact OFT and FOS, what, if any benefit would this be to me? They have threatened various debt collection scenarios i.e sending a debt collector round, putting an attachment on my earnings and passing the account to their Solicitor. They placed my account on hold last month and said I had 30 days to reply, at which time debt collection will start again. I don't think there is any point replying to them anymore.
  16. Hi everyone, just to let you know, they replied and they DO NOT hold a copy of the original credit agreement. Huzzah. So my next question is, when does the debt become statute barred? Last payment was 2009, but my last correspondence to them was 2013. Many thanks!
  17. Thank you for all the help, especially postggj and DD Have drafted the letter now, will get it off to them and see what comes of it.
  18. Oh I see Can anyone else expand on that is DD is busy? Would like to get this nipped in the bud to be honest, its playing on my mind a bit. They issued a stat demand on a different debt and I had to go to court, cant be doing with that upset again. Thanks
  19. No claim received they are just sending nasty letters Thanks thats ace, will update in due course You guys are fab!
  20. Hi there an update and further help if possible? There is no PPI as someone asked above. I included a view of your remarks into my letter inc the case mentioned in the last post. TO CLARIFY AS I HAVE NOT UPDATED THE THREAD FOR A WHILE; THE SUPPOSED RECONSTITUTED CREDIT AGREEMENT WAS A PIECE OF PAPER WITH MY NAME AND PREVIOUS ADDRESS ON, NOTHING MORE. REPLY FROM LOWELL 1. The original signed agreement need not to be supplied as a reconstituted copy of the agreement is sufficient provided it contains the name and address of the person as it was when the credit agreement
  21. Thanks, the Practice Manager at my Doctors is away, I have to wait until tommorrow until I can speak to someone. I contacted my MP, just had an email from his advisor saying my MP has written to ATOS to ask for a home visit. Will see what happens.
  22. I should be grateful if you could possibly help me. I have been on ESA Benefit since I damaged my back in 2008. I also have several other medical problems including schizophrenia and severe agoraphobia. My agoraphobia has become so bad that I cannot sit in my own living room on my own as I have severe panic attacks and often I will have a panic attack just making a cup of coffee. I have lived in my bedroom since it the agoraphobia took hold in 2009 and have rarely been out since then. In 2012 it took me 8 months to get the courage to go and see the Doctor with several problems I
  23. Thanks starry, much appreciated. Added to both you and the other poster's rep.
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