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  1. Whoah, hold on there onlyme. That is not bullying tactics, that IS advice to help the poster. The advice is that she should seriously look at her financial responsibilities if she cannot again afford to pay her rent! The last thing she needs is another judgement surely. If you really are a landlord as you claim, you will know the difficulties that can be placed upon you when your tenants persistantly fail to pay the rent they agreed to in their AST. Trying to get them out is the next problem. As I said, the poster really should take a step back and look at the situation f
  2. hardworking-harddoneby you say you're easy targets? I have been watching with interest as I am a landlord also. You complain that your previous landlord obtained judgment against you for unpaid rent and now you're not paying the rent on this one. You need to take a long hard look at your financial responsibilties as far as I can see. If you cant afford to rent you should contact the local authorities for help!!!
  3. Very grown up of you Mrs Westham. Not all Bailiffs lie and cheat. I had to deal with one myself a few years back and he was OK. I owed the money so came to a short term arrangement to pay it. Fair enough, I got caught. My point was that burying your head in the sand and not calling them only invites further visits and more charges. If you're foolish enough to agree to things over the phone that you cant keep to then surely thats your fault!
  4. I run a family business that unfortunately regularly has customers having goods/services and not paying for them. I have used debt collectors in the past and they were useless. I have used County Court Bailiffs in the past and they were useless. HCEO's are the only enforcement officers to have any success for me. I regularly get the customer on the phone after they've ignored 6 months of my letters, phone calls and eventual court action suddenly trying to do a deal because an HCEO has visited. I direct them back to the HCEO. If they do not want to phone them to resolve the matt
  5. You must remember that a Bailiff can gain peaceable entry through a window or unlocked door. And not everybodies assets are in their house ie: car etc. I think it would be foolish not to contact the bailiff by phone. It is often this very action that lands my debtors with higher bills. My two cents.
  6. I had a similar experience with my daughter when she shared a house at Uni. The result was that if you are all named on the bill, you are all joint and severally liable. This includes your flatmate. If it was your fault that the payment wasnt made (in my daughters case her flatmate had been pocketing the money:mad:) then you'd better find a way to pay it. Also, you cannot get your flatmates name removed from the liabilty order. (Hallowitch, I think you've misunderstood Anins point - or maybe I have?)
  7. As already mentioned, you admit the debt so start making payments towards it. Why should DSG suffer due to your stupidity.
  8. FYI, I was advised today that the new fee structure is due in 2012 but with an iminant change in Government this could be delayed somewhat.
  9. HC, I would agree. Unfortunately, when times have been hard we have taken on riskier business as a result and this by it's very nature means we end up getting knocked more often. Aside from contract work (usually with Ltd companies - dont get me started on them:mad:) we get a fair bit of joe public coming in our shops off the street and whilst we do credit checks where possible, the system isnt foolproof. Thanks for your advice though and I like the ANPR story.
  10. HC, many years ago we tried prosecuting a client for theft but after months of my time the Police were useless and I've never done ot since. I was approached by the HCEO company in 2005 and, for us at least, this has proved the most cost effective way to get our money. Our cases average around £1000 - £1500. I have occasionally obtained 'charging orders' against defendants (when they are indiviuals) but this is only a back up. The costs for doing so get added to the judgment and the HCEO collects them anyway. Of the few I did get, the properties are now in negative equity anyway and
  11. Nope, I do use them regularly to recover monies for my company (family run) when people dont pay on judgment. Unfortunately the building trade today is full of crooks who lie on their credit application forms, receive the goods/services they order and then dont pay. I have never been on the recieveing end of HCEOs so cannot confirm some of the horror stories detailed on here. I would say that they have recovered an awful lot of money to me without which I would have had to put many people out of a job. I work closely with the HCEO I use and would consider them a friend which is why,
  12. HC, can you point me in the direction any legislation that explains the 'cannot make monetry gain' part. Before we started using HCEO's to collect my business debts we had detailed discussions with them about their fees and they showed us their last 2 quarters running costs saying the fees are based on those. I understood that any business is allowed to make a reasonable profit and have been advised that for Solicitors this is deemed at 33%. As HCEO's are private companies, would this not apply to them also?
  13. HC, whilst they cannot force entry, they can enter and and remove (through a window or unlocked door) or may remove a vehicle. They dont need to arrange an appointment for that.
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