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  1. Thank you so much for answering Dizzy, I think I actually understand what's going on now, thank you wino as well.
  2. Sorry to be a pain but can anyone help please?
  3. Hi, am feeling a bit panicky this morning and was hoping someone could offer some advice. I have been challenging several CCA's through a legal company (on a no win no fee basis). The accounts have been with them for some months and some of the OC's simply don't have a copy of the agreement, some are illegible etc., but slowly the legal company is saying that because of the recent judgement of the test case they can no longer win any of these cases (as the OC can now construct an agreement) and are therefore not persuing them any further. My big worry is that all the OC's will now come crawling out of the woodwork and construct any old agreement which contains all the prescribed terms. Am I correct in thinking this? or am I missing something? In other words where do I go with themn now? PLEASE HELP:-(
  4. Thanks cymruambyth I will read through the thread and see if it helps me to decide where to go with mine.
  5. I have just received my SAR info. from them but there was no CCA for overdraft (although they seem to have been selective with what they have sent) no letters or loan CCA's etc.
  6. Thanks for answering hungrybear. Not sure, what do they need?
  7. Hi everyone, today I have received a letter from TSB headed "ENFORCEMENT NOTICE" giving me until 16.11 to repay full amount of overdraft (plus interest) otherwise threatening court action. I know some of the OD is made up of charges, what is the best thing to do? Can anyone help please:(
  8. Sorry this is messy but can anyone offer any help please?
  9. Hi all, was wondering if anyone could advise on this? I have a c/c and o/d with Lloyds. Fell into payment difficulty with both. Went to CCCS and was paying an agreed amount off o/d and as Lloyds stopped adding charges and interest it finally started coming down, especially as I claimed an amount of charges back and that came off as well. Then I stopped making payments to my c/c (as difficulties got worse) so Lloyds started taking the payments from the available credit on my o/d to pay the c/c(bumping it back up again) so after 3 months of this I got very demoralised and stopped paying anything in whatsoever. There was no activity on the account for months. They didn't chase me and I didn't pay anything in. I moved house (and advised them of my new address) but from the period of approx. May '08 until present I haven't received anything regarding the o/d or current a/c. Then last month I sent an SAR, for which they have provided some, but not all info. I was surprised to find that in Aug. '08 they started adding interest back onto the o/d and last month added £75 worth of charges and the o/d is now well in excess of £700 (£600 agreed). Then yesterday I received a letter from them saying that I have to repay the full amount in 2 days time. I think they will issue court proceedings but there is something "dodgy" going on here. Why did they stop chasing me for payments originally? Why did they continue sending correspondence to my old address when screen print outs received in my SAR prove that they received my new address a year ago? Why did they freeze the account (I can't use it, no card etc.) but start adding charges and interest again? Sorry to bang on but it's quite complicated and I want to be ready if they do issue court proceedings. Can anyone help please:confused:
  10. Thanks for your advice Landy. I'm not sure whether to write to them and give account details etc. though because I still have a bal. on o/d and on a cc, so I'm worried that by writing to them I might encourage them to start chasing more for these o/s balances, however, I do need the SAR :confused:My brain hurts:)
  11. Thanks ioio, I will look into these points. I have had a letter from Lloyds today in response to my SAR saying that they can't trace any record of my accounts, and requesting more info, i.e., account numbers, old addresses etc. does anyone know if this is just one of their stalling tactics? I have a current account with them and a credit card, for which their solicitors have been corresponding with me at my current address.
  12. Thanks for the help, have'nt made a payment for 12 -18 months? Can they run the 0D up to make my payments with no permission from me, legally? Thanks for any help.
  13. Hi, I know someone who may be in the same position soom (hopefully having a claim struck out) and I thought I had read somewhere that if the case is struck out you can submit an N244 and request that the strick out is made absolute, meaning it can't be re-instated. Is that correct?
  14. Thanks for answering Trooper. I think I will SAR the OC, not sure whether to bother with Moorcroft though, I thought they would have to get the info. from the OC anyway? Does anyone know how likely Moorcroft are to pay me a home visit?
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