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  1. hi i know its not the right place tp post really but i prefer this whole forum than any of the others,i have had two red threatening letters from this company called equita or sumthing,they ae now apparentley coming to cease goods.....thing is ive never heard of these bailiffs and can they take stuff from my garden etc....its a fact they wont be coming in otherwise my otherhalf will put up a fight with them... previous u have had rosendales as bailiffs and i arranged to pay them weekly etc but they never turned up for payment so me been me didnt bother arranging another date for payment etc.
  2. erm just saw youyr thread as was guna write a forum on equita as ive had these nasty red leters this week n last to say they r coming to cease goods...not sure who they are never heard of them...for a fact i wont b paying them,not even sure wether to contact them as they guna come anyway apparently....they have issued enough warnings lol ... i dnt even know this company...what area are you from
  3. oh he only tried it twice so it is as new we are nice clean family
  4. we got a brand new one for sale my hubby 23 and i prefer him in wheelchair it is a tga eclipse scooter folds down for car etc...black and silver very trendy was £1650 new it comes with warrenty..and goes 9 mph...ok it has the detachable basket but comes in handy for my shopping bags lol....has an ignition and you just chaqrge the battery indoors...let me know unless u have found your ideal one.. kind regards
  5. hi all my mum just started working 30 hours a week,will she b able to claim wrkin tax credits as the 30 hours are between 2 jobs 1 at 22 hours and the the other at 8,if so how long does it take for a response to the application,with qualified or not is it long or quite quick and simple. thanks
  6. had the same prob well it was allmost same,took ages n ages n ages for them to sort bout a year and i just by chance rang them out of the blue to see why it had not been resolved and she said it had only just i wud get a letter....anyway a bloke rang me day later he had sorted it for me as noone was interested in lokking into it and he back paid me £1000 nearly...cheaques were sent a week later abit slow they are and they make you angry as if it was us that owed they wud bombbarred us with letters
  7. anyone know how much it is for a couple with family
  8. thanks jimmyspangle will see if me dad will lend me his,it has crossed our minds lol...i wouldnt be allowed to shoot him either..
  9. thanks will be on with that monday..will let u know hw we get on
  10. hecky t heck dont pay them a penny, its obviosly not ur debt do not respond to the idiots they havent got a clue wot ther doin, it wud of been someone bored stiff one day typing letters up to evry tom dick n harry, i wish they wud pull there finger out and notice my ex sister in law was a benefit thief and has been for years...
  11. pleased youve got other grants and help sorted we have been in the same situation evryone around u seems to get evrything they want yet it seems a fight wen we apply and then a battle when we get turned down...you will get this grant as u are under extreme pressures and stress.. we have used cab before and they wer quite gud altho quite lapsy at same time.
  12. thanks for that paul,we dont have a disabled child so not sure we would meet criteria,altho hubby is disabled and only 23 has been for 2 years.. thank you for your advice
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