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  1. Hi, I recently cleared nearly 1500 GBP of default with HSBC. When I called MCS, they have asked me to transfer or credit the entire remaining loan to one of HSBC's accounts. I initiated an online transfer for the full amount. They said that they would send me a "Satisfcation Letter" indicating that my default has been cleared. For my entire story, you can read this post: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/hsbc-bank/209833-case-referred-mcs-how.html#post2295564 Meanwhile I have the following questions to fellow forum members: 1. How will my default and its subsequent
  2. Dear fellow forum members, I have a typical case. Please advise. I used to work in UK between 2004-06 and would bank with HSBC. Later I moved to US and then to Canada. I'm now in India. Since I travel a lot, I use only HSBC online banking feature as no one lives at the UK address where I used to live while in UK and hence no reason for getting all the mails. While in UK I loaned a friend (not anymore a friend) 5 years ago by about 9000 GBP by taking a personal loan from HSBC to be settled in 4 years time with a repayment of 280 GBP per month. He used to transfer the monthly paym
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