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  1. Hi everyone. My mums in a bad situation. She's a OAP (67) and I've just found out in bad debt. Her pension cant cover her out-goings. She has a 10k credit card which has just exceeded its limit plus others. Shes been living off her credit card since she retired 4 years ago after. (She owns nothing, she living in a rented house with the council paying most of her rent) To cut a long story short Barclays bank have offered her a 20k bank loan to clear her debt over the next 7 years. however this puts her to 74 years old. She earns alittle money (cash in hand) looking after my broth
  2. I attended one a few months ago and had to produce both parts as when the courses first came out people were sending friends to take the course for them instead.
  3. Hi, Boughta car off carcraft 7/8 years ago, just found out that PPi insurance was added to the sale of the car without me knowing. Who should I put a claim in for?? Carcraft of the finance company?? I hate carcraft and this is another bad dealing with them.. Regards Danler
  4. I have to say that I agree with elsinore, when you sell a Ltd company all the accounts are taken on by the new directors (past and present). As far as I am aware the only person who can claim is the Ltd company, ie- the present directors who sign on behalf of the Ltd company. Has HSBC mentioned in their strike-out that you or your mum are no longer directors?? Have they checked this out on Companies House?? Please give us more details of the strike-our. Regards Danler
  5. Hi All :D Just thought I'd let you all know, in todays post (nearly bined it as I thought it was junk mail), Natwest are offering the full amount of my Ltd business claim after I sent the prelim letter to them. I have to admit that I didn't stick to the time scale, it's been 4 weeks since I sent the prelim letter to them, but they have offered to pay up in full !!!!! Donation on the way after I've recieved the chq Barclays here I come !!! Regards Danler
  6. Hi Calvi The sales man came to me with a figure of what I would have to pay each month (eg- £250) which he said "includes the extended warranty". I was certainly never told that the extended warranty cost £1000. I've only found this out after ringing Carcraft and asking why there is a difference in the sale price, outstanding finance on my old car and my credit agreementment which only shows the total cash price of £11000. Yes I did have a witness (my husband), if we had heard that the warranty was £1000 he would have told them where to stick it!! There are so many complaints abo
  7. Hi All A while ago I had a little rant about Carcraft. But I have now found my origional credit agreement with them. Total Cash Price for car (£11,000) However it doesn't state the breakdown of this. The car I brough was for £8500 and a settlement figure of £1500 from my previous car. So there is a £1000 difference. I phoned Carcraft tonight only to find out that the £1000 is for, their extended warranty. I certainly remember that when I was at Carcraft they just gave me a figure of what I would be paying a month "which includes the extended warranty" I was neve
  8. Have you had a look at you bank statements to see if the payment for your car has the name of the lender. Mine does (Open + Direct) If i'm not mistaken the credit agreement will not be with Carcraft but with the lenders (please someone correct me if I am wrong). I am just about to send a letter off to them for the mis-selling of PPI by the salesman at Carcraft, who sign on behalf of the lenders. Regards Danler
  9. I'm in the process of claiming bank charges back from a sole trader business account from Barclays, I came across a statement of a loan which I took out for the business only to find a payment of £589.32 for PPI added onto the loan. I have since found the origional agreement which shows the PPI on there, but I was totally unaware that I had asked or agreed to this. Do I stand any chance of claiming this back?? Has anyone claimed PPI on a business loan?? Thanks Danler
  10. Hi Micky, No I don't think you was harsh. Like I said earlier the template was from the Business Claims - Basic Guide. But as the Limited Company is claiming the charges back I tried to alter the wording from " I, me, we " to "The company". Don't know if I did them all but i'm sending it off toorrow. The only other bit i enter was I calculate that you have taken £4251.11 plus £1043.14 which I have calculated is the interest at your rate( 29.5%) for unauthorised borrowing for the sum which you have taken from me. Total £5294.25 I suppose I am abit scared as it;s compound interest
  11. Hi All I've decided to go for my limited companys bank account with barclays, below is a link to the thread. I am wondering, has any one claimed compound interest on a limited account?? Danler My Ltd Company v Barclays
  12. Hi Micky The compund spreadsheet is the one I found here from Mindzai & Lucids. http://www.zen122856.zen.co.uk/CompoundSheet_v1.9.xls The charges have really only been applied within the last 14 months, therefore the interest isn't that great but I've just found a mistake and the interest should be £1403 not £1043. The letter is from the Business Claims but I have had to alter it as because it's a limited company account I am not the person claiming, the business is. I am only a director. Regards Danler
  13. Hi All I've decided to take the plunge and hit Barclays on our Ltd company account. I have been abit scared to tackle this as the company has an outstanding loan with them. I didn't want them calling in the loan as soon as I sent the first letter. However I have now decided to go for it. I ahev opened another business bank account else where and these seem to be alot more helpful than Barclays. I am also thinking of compound interest on the account, can someone please look at my letter below to see if it's ok.. Has anyone won compound interest on a business account?? Re
  14. Hi All I am just about to send a prelim letter to Barclays on our Ltd business account for £4351. I will start a thread in Barclays so you can all follow. Has anyone claimed the compound interest (29.5%) on a business account ??? The compound interest on my claim would be £1400. Regards Danler
  15. Hi Joa The tennancy aggreement is due for renewal thats one of the reasons I have been trying to get hold of him. The second reason I have been trying to get hold of him is to send round a firm to carry out a damp proof. The rent is no longer being paid. It was paid from Housing Benefits, they sent me a letter saying that the HB was being suspended as they are unable to review the tennants application. I am assuming that HB have sent him a letter and he has not replied (Another tennant of mine had a letter about a month ago about reviewing the houing benefits). I will try a 24 h
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