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  1. hi people over 75, can get a free box and aerial. bigpaddy
  2. hi try this ratna.bagchi@virginmedia.co.uk phone no;0800 952 2283. neil berkett.ceo. virginmedia legal affairs, bartley wood business park, hook, hampshire. rg27 9up. tel; 01256 754554. neil.berkett@virginmedia.co.uk they are hard work but eventually they will sort it out. bigpaddy
  3. hi, i sent a cca to these people, in return they sent me an incomplete agreement in a different name,i e-mailed them to call me as they where not complying with consumer credit act, i have just recieved an e-mail saying they will not be chasing this debt anymore as it is an old debt and they couldnt find any more paperwork. big paddy
  4. i went bankrupt 3yrs ago, i was trying to pay everybody i worked 7days aweek then i broke down. my brother took control and sent all my papers into the court, i got a date and when i went to court, a very nice chap talked to me and then said we should go and se the judge, he went in and after 10 mins he came out of the court, he just said the judge has looked at the paperwork and has made you bankrupt, without seeing me as he said i was not well enough to appear. when i left that court i felt like new man. oh! by the way i owed £82,000.00. bigpaddy
  5. thanks seagull, i am going to offer the least possible, i can only afford this money because hutchison 3g, retired my accounts after sending a letter off my doctor about my illnesses. i cant go on with the slimy letters, they just wind me up. so i think for my health i will offer a small payment via a standing order. i will let you know how i get on. take care my friend. paddy
  6. hi my wife recieved a letter from these people in the post two weeks ago, we thought it was strange because it had Ms instead of Mrs. but in her first name. i sent them a CCA letter today i got a reply. it had an agreement of sorts, name at the top, (not wifes.) all the job,bank,residential and credit card status. the agreement was in a name that i do know, but i am not at liberty to divulge it to anybody. the letter in with the CCA is in my wifes name, the agreement in another. i have e-mailed them but they are busy and will endeavour to reply within 10 days. i sent anothere-mail telling them
  7. hi these people say they are only doing a job, a couple of years ago they tried to gain entry to my home when my wife was in with the kids. i was working away, so the kids where visiting, strange you may think. these two 6ft bald chaps in black clothing stating they where bailiffs, where giving my wife a bad time, when my 2 sons and 1 son-in-law, went to the door told my wife to go indoors, i cant tell you what happened, (for Legal Reasons,), but they left saying they where going for the POLICE. suffice to say nobody has ever come back. i have read here a common law ruling which states th
  8. hi all, i have to admit that as of today i have given up fighting, i have been fighting jd williams,reliable collections for nearly 7 months, and i have had enough, i am going to start paying them, not what they want but what i can afford. my son has told me not to do it, but i am afraid that it will make him ill, he wrote to s.beat at jdw and asked for them to send all mail in my wifes name, so she could divert it to my son, s beat,(solicitor) agreed to do this, but like the rest of these parasites, the threatening letters still came in my name. i think that if i dont give in, these people wi
  9. hi martin, vm ar not going to give me a written copy. i thought that electronic mail, like the electronic signature, are legally binding. i dont know, what do you think. bigpaddy
  10. hi martin. virgin called today. they cant see why i am taking this course of action, as the debt was statute barred.thats why they are using it. i have had a look through my paperwork and i have a email telling me to rip up the july bill, (of lady in ceo,s office.) which i kept.i have july bill £93.59, i have a letter from payment processing £93.59, i have a letter from wescot, £97.11, i phoned wescot for a breakdown of the costs. would you believe £97.11 minus £3.52 = £93.59. they have been blagging me that it was the statute debt, so i would go away. i am awaiting a reply to my e-mail f
  11. hi everybody. i have just had a phone call off virgin media, apparenty the used the statute barred debt as an excuse as to why they put the debt in the hands of wescot . they are using this excuse to stop me acting over the breach of my data. any ideas what my next step should be. regards; bigpaddy
  12. hi i recieved a letter from jd williams this morning telling me that if i didnt pay £20.00 immediately, they would send the debt back to reliable, i have been dealing with reliable, the debt is in dispute so wh are they messing around. i wasnt informed by any of them that the debt had been sent back. regards bigpaddy
  13. hi, i have been with aol for many years, yes you need a bt line but with a bit of haggling you can get a good deal. my aol with free calls costs me £9.99 per month. bigpaddy
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