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  1. I've sent letter SB letter off to Weighman and not received any acknowledgement or response.... I will post again if I hear anything.
  2. Thank you. I will keep you updated .. Letter of to them today.
  3. Thanks 42man. Where can I find the standard letter please?
  4. Sorry, I hit the wrong button in error to reply. I thought so but wanted to make sure.These people are so rude. There is nothing on my CF.
  5. Well I checked my CF last year and recently and nothing relating to this debt is showing hence it may be SB. Should I send them a SB letter?
  6. I received a letter from Weightmans for their client Equidebt for a debt from RBS CC. I had received several letters from Equidebt offering discounts but I ignored it. I've checked my CF and there is nothing showing regarding this. The letter said I must contact their Commercial Recoveries team by 19 Nov at 4pm to arrange a suitable arrangement for repayment of the balance due. If you are bot in a position to pay the balance in full immediately, our client may be prepared to agree a repayment plan for you to pay the balance by monthly instalments. If you so not contact us, we wil
  7. Ive had a look at an old Credt file dated 2009 and note a CC for Ltsb for the same amount Ruthbrdge that is no longer showing on the currect credit file for 2011. Should I just ignore the letters or send them the prove it letter? Regards SU
  8. Is it correct to think the six year for SB starts from the last day of transaction on the account.. eg. last payment?
  9. Thank you Brig, no it was a CC. Sorry I meant defaulted 15 July 2006. It was actually defaulted 8 months after missed payments hence I said Dec 11 SB. Would that be correct?
  10. Well, not 100% sure, however based on the CF report it showed start date 2003, date last delinquent July 2006, defaulted date 15/7/2006 the very old CF dated back in 2009 show a 6 in the month of May 2006 (which I think means 6 months missed before last payment and the D is showing in the month June)... totally confused... The new style CF report (I had done in May 2011) shows Status history 8.... defaulted 15/7/2011. so even more confused.
  11. Thanks for your reponse... so what you're staying then it does't make sense even sending them a "don't acknowledge debt letter" then as you said they don't respond to letter... My only concern is the Stat demand thing stated in their letter. i was put in this position before and don't want to go back there... thank goodness i managed to get money from family members to help hence not being made b/k. What happen with your experience....did it go away or have they continued to send the nasty letter? Was your SB?
  12. Good afternoon, I need some advice please. Last yearMay I did a credit search with experian to see check a particular DCA and now I received a letter from Ruthbridge just before Christmas from them with saying they trying to locate me etc and for me to contact them which I ignored. The alledged debt they are asking for is not showing on the credit file for the DCA they are claim is the client , however, a debt relating to Hillesden Securities which was SB according to my records in Dec 2011 (is a similar amount Ruthbridge is trying to claim the different is £1.42p more), not sure
  13. Any advice would be appreciated please. I checked my credit file last year with experian to see what is on there etc and haven't seen the alleged debt Ruthbridge is chasing me for. I received a letter just before Christmas to saying the are searching for me and if I am the person to contact them to discuss if not to still contact as they will still continue o write at the address. I ignored that letter. Another received today saying they received no response to their previous attempts to establish contact with you regarding the unpaid defaulted account above. In an reforest to ami
  14. Season greetings, just an update. HFO was ordered to produce some documents with an unless order. Unfortunately for HFO they couldn't so the judge strike the claim out of court. Fingers x they don't apply to reinstate the claim. Also, I've send witness statement to OFT. I would like to take this time to thank you all for all your help and support.
  15. Thank you. Just to give an update I've made my complaint with OFT and they want to speak to me
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