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  1. Fit kine o' noansense is is? Gaen tae AL the morn tae look it cars!!!! If Scaniaman funs oot aboot is he'll cae yur block aff. How tae win freends an influence people--is must be a wind up surely. Tic care Manny.
  2. See post5. I'm having a big enough struggle trying to learn Polish just now never mind english. LOL LOL
  3. Hi Guys. I will try and answer some of the points you have raised in your replies. The young lady did not say if car was new or she had only owned it for 4 months and i didn't ask. What i did ask her was if there was any steering pull to the left during her ownership and she replied no. clark quoted £180 for two new tyres and the track was not checked when new tyres fitted. At the time i told her that a worn TRE or slack/worn hub or worn/bent steering component could cause one tyre to wear more rapidly than the other, but she would normally have felt something through the steering wheel. She claimed that no such symptoms were ever noticed. I think the point here must be clarks responce to the problem which is very similar to a post by scaniaman where he had the same trouble getting clarkies to do work under warranty. In his case the manufacturer would only pay clark for 1 hour or so on investegative work, and clark would not work unless someone paid them. So much for customer satisfaction. Its unlikely i will get any further info from the girl as i did not ask her phone number incase she thought i had an ulterior motive. ME? LOL
  4. Don't know if i can post about someone else on here, but this story needs telling. Took my car to clarkies today for a service (joke, but i aint lafin). Whilst waiting i met a lovely 23yr old burd who had brought her Pug in because it had chewed up the front n/s tyre in only 4 months of ownership. We discussed the problem and i told her of the main faults which manifest themselves in one worn tyre. She went and asked service reception to have her steering tracked and was told that she would have to pay for this as it was not covered by warranty. Tell me two things please:- first, what causes one badly worn front tyre? second, how the Helen B Merry can you find out the cause of this fault without checking the tracking? This young Lady was becomming a triffle upset, but had had to wait so long that she accepted clarkies offer of two new front tyres for £50. as she didn't want to be running dangerously or illegal. I warned her to keep a close eye on these new tyres, as if the problem was not fixed, she would be back in another 4 months or sooner depending on quality of new tyre. What is the point of a warranty if it doesn't cover whatever work is required to find and eliminate the root cause of the problem? IMO, this site is great but people only come here when bad things happen. It can't prevent people from becomming victims of such devious devils. This is proved by the number of people in clarkies today that were sat with salesmen writting away at their desks. When will we learn.
  5. Hoots aye min, but just how mony ferm loons like me wid ken fit is slander and libel awe aboot. We could easy tell the truth bit no ken it wis slander and sick like. The feck o' us are nae lawyers.
  6. Fit like tattiehowker. I read that story as weel. Maybe the foulk up here in Eberdeen should have contacted Raw Deal too. They hiv jist posted on the Citroen Owners website saying how they were ripped off by Clarkies here in the toon. They pit their car in to have a cruise control fitted and were charged our £80 only to be told they had ran oot of time and couldnae get the thing to work. Read the post fur yourself and get the details. The last line poses the question we all would like an answer to.
  7. Update. I asked if replacement mattress would be cheaper or more expensive. They said that it would be £50 cheaper. (similar mattress by same name, and spec, offered by an online firm for£120 cheaper????). So I asked for the £50. Stonewalled again and again. Now told them if payment not in 7 days, I will start small claims action. What sort of pond life are running businesses today?
  8. Hi scaniaman. Hear AC Citroen are giving you a hard time old son. If you think it would make you feel any better just pm me your address and i will send you one of my ARNOLD SHARK T shirts to wear in town. good luck m8
  9. Aye Scaniamani, Appear is the right term. My guid brither has been waiting for a car for weeks and it has failed to Appear. Funny thing is that they say they hiv the car but it is not on their website or autotrader. Them stock sheets mun be well oot o date i'm thinking.Aye live horse and you'll git corn.
  10. Martin--perhaps so, but in this area their sales technique left a lot to be desired.
  11. Refer to post "Arnold Clarke----me_n_my_kids. Kwik Fit is owned by another "SIR". There is also another Scottish "Sir" who has interests in the motor trade and sport, This guy's staff sell the same vehicle to two different people! Then there's "Sir" Jackie Stewart of racing fame---well we all read the story about him and RBS. So, it would appear that there is little value indeed to the title "Sir" in Scotland---probably much farther afield too!!!
  12. Tillymitt, this is definately one for the newspapers. Do it now before they repo your car. Sounds like you are in urgent need of a lawyer as well. Don't wait for AC to act. This company is so big that it makes one think it's totally out of control. WHO is actually at the helm of this badly run outfit?
  13. Mrs.B. Conniff gave you excellent advice about Honda. If purse won't streatch to Honda, it might just be worth a look at Nissan. My daughter had three old ones, the last being sold at well over 100,000 mls, and with little trouble. One motoring correspondant described that car a Primera, as being boringly reliable. What more could you want?
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